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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Red--Retired. Extremely. Dangerous.

*Richard and I are tag teaming a movie review. Let us know what you think!*

Red directed by Robert Schwentke staring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Mary-Louise Parker, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, Karl (drop dead gorgeous) Urban and Richard Dreyfuss is in theaters across the nation now. A hard core Marvel gal myself, how could I resist this all-star cast. DC and Summit (yes, thats right. The guys who bring us Twilight!) came together and delivered a pretty decent flick. Was it the best movie this year? No. Was it fun? Sure. :)

Some pretty amusing dialog between characters went a long way in keeping audiences attention. Slow moving in parts was a major downfall. But when action kicks in, it kicks in the front door with a sonic boom! Suburban gunfight? Classic. :) Helen Mirren shooting semi-automatics? Fantastic. John Malkovich playing a wacky eccentric! lol You've seen him in this role before, but really he does it so well, who cares! There are a few important points in the film that are brushed over never explained. Others that held no value to the movie are given plenty of attention. A little frustrating for me.

Over all Red was just above average for me. Would I see it again? No. But I will recommend it to anyone who enjoys fun popcorn flicks.


For a tongue in cheek action movie, Red boasted an incredible star lineup. I must admit that I went into the film with very high expectations. Damn high.... and I left the theater feeling like I got exactly what I knew the movie would deliver.

Overall, I'd say that the movie has a similar feel to it as Men Who Stare At Goats. If you didn't like that movie, I'd suggest that you wait for the DVD. Like most other movies who split the divide of action and comedy, the plot is predictable to the point where you know exactly what will happen next, but you find yourself excited to see it manifest on the big screen anyway. Just how many bullet casings could they possibly scatter across the floor? let's find out! There are also a few scenes whose only purpose is to pay homage to other action movies... so if you have little or no patience for that kind of thing, you'll have to wait for your party near the exit; you're just not tall enough for this ride.

One aspect of the movie that I really enjoyed was, even though it didn't take itself too seriously, it never dipped into being utterly juvenile like in Tropic Thunder. To borrow a quote from the more juvenile movie, "You never go full retard." John Malkovich running down a group of CIA agents with a bomb strapped to his chest is right about where my comedic sweet spot lies.

I'm giving this movie four sheep.



  1. Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren and John Malkovich?! I so got to see this movie!!

  2. @McPig yeah its worth it just for the cast alone. :) Richard liked it more then me as u can tell. Let me know what u think after u see it xoxoxox

  3. I saw it this weekend and loved it! The story was good and the actors a riot . What romance reader hasn't had that fantasy .

  4. I think John Malkovich was very funny and I love the part that he played. Sometimes you can go to a movie to see small acting in action. If you like John Malkovich go to this movie, he will make you laugh.