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Monday, October 18, 2010

Sacrifice... Awesome!

This is the second book in the Dakota Banks Mortal Path series and I have to say that I loved it! The heroine of this story, Maliha Crayne, is a combination of Jason Bourne meets Lara Croft. She is strong, loyal, witty, and pretty much an all around kicka** person. In her quest to earn back her soul from the demon she sold it to, she has met some pretty unique people along the way who are now her closest friends. They each have their own talents and together they are working on ridding the world of the seven demon brothers. To do this Maliha must travel the world looking for shards of a looking glass and the adventures she encounters along the way are of Hollywood proportion.

This book is action packed with loads of wit, thrills and awesome characters. And to make things even better, Mahila has a weapon collection that could make any girl drool and she knows how to use it! You know that secret fantasy that everyone has about being a badass assassin for the government or some secret society? This girl fulfills all those fantasies. lol. Is it possible to be jealous of a fictional character? Because I definitely am!

Banks delivered in all aspects for me. There was the action, duh lol, the good friends, the adventure, and even a little romance thrown in by way of a rogue immortal. This book has done its job. It has left me wanting to re-read it over again just to experience all the thrills again while desperately waiting for the next book to come out. Job well done! 4 sheep :)



  1. Nice review! I love when you read a book and can't stop going through it again and again. :)

  2. You're doing this to torture me, right?!

  3. @McPig lol no way we love u! Enter the contest above and u can just win the book! No need to search the house for it ;)

  4. Worse: it's not in the house, it's put in storage somewhere in the middel of nowhere. My poor book!