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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Eat Prey kitty kitty

Eat Prey Love by author Kerrely Sparks is the latest edition in her Love at Stake series. I am completely addicted to this wonderful author. This series is one of my favs! Hot vampy scotts in kilts? Sexy were-shifters? Yum yum. A girl could die happy after reading this series. lol

The latest book revolves around were-panther Carlos Panterra, a shifter who's breed is on the verge of extinction. His goal is try and locate more if his kind across the globe and find a mate to breed with. (K can I sign up for that) The last thing Carlos needs is a complication, so of course thats what he gets! Caitlyn Whelan is that complication. She's a young, sexy blonde who knows absolutely nothing about weres and vamps who finds herself thrust into their world. Sexy as it may be, finding yourself amongst the supernatural is quite a shock. I really took to Caitlyn. She's spunky, fun and has a big heart.

Can Carlos fight his attraction for the good of his race? Or will he fall for the girl and damn the people depending on him? Gotta read it to find out. ;)

Adventure, sticky situations, and witty, humorous dialog fill the pages of this exciting story. Plus, enough steamy romance to fulfill this reader's wildest fantasies. (hey, a girl can hope to meet men like these someday. lol) Kerrelyn is a master of the art of romance and I LOVE this series to pieces.

To date my fav story is still Ian and Toni. But Angus and Emma come a close second. ;)

Connors book is up next folks, March 2011 so make sure to catch up if you are behind in the series.



  1. Thanks for the review! Voodoo Bride has got this one on her wishlist.

  2. Thank you, Katie! That was fabulous!

  3. Thanks ladies! Go get this book asap!

    Keep'em comin Kerrelyn! More!!!!!! :)

  4. I just finished reading this book last night and absolutely loved it!