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Friday, December 2, 2011

Book Lover's Holiday Hop- GIVEAWAY!

Sheep is once again hooking folks up for the Holidays! Teaming up with I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and Kid Lit Frenzy for the Book Lover's Holiday Hop. To find the next stop in the tour click HERE.

This contest will be open for US residents only (sorry everyone else) but fear not because we will have many other chances for everyone else to win too. Let's take a look at the prizes!

How To Live On Mars by Robert Zurbin
4 Magnets from the wonderful Alien series by Gini Koch
Swag from author Larissa Ione
Swag from author Merrie Destefano
Book mark and trading cards from author Dani Harper
Screw No Evil note pad and sticker
Mini stocking with the letter S on it (for Sheep *winks*)

To win make sure to listing the following and DOUBLE entries for followers!

1. Your Email Address
2. What would be the most important item you'd need to have while living on Mars?
3. Extra entry if you Facebook or Tweet about the post. (Just list either one)

Contest ends Dec. 6th at midnight with winner announced on the 7th.
Good luck!


  1. The one thing I would have to have on Mars is.....My books of course! YOu hardly ever find me without a book close by(even on my desk at work!) I don't think I could survive without anything to read!

    *I am a Follower

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!Happy Holidays!

  2. There are so many things I would want to make sure I had. But if I could only list one I would say food. I am not sure about eating anything from another planet so I would bring food with me to eat until I was sure it was okay.

    GFC follower


  3. I would have to assume that you had safe air, food and water. After that, I would say someway I could communicate with my family I left behind.

  4. Mmm well after enough food and coffee I would need books, glorious books. Maybe like a super tablet that would automatically add all new releases onto my ereader while in Mars. Free for inhabitants.

    +GFC Teril
    terilhack at gmail dot com

  5. I'd have to bring Bill Gates - he'll have the money to buy us a ticket back to earth.

    I'm number 237 on the hop - stop by and see me!

    GCF Devyn Dawson
    devyndawson at yahoo dot com

  6. I would need a Yes, a machine that would duplicate anything I wanted from home. ahahah

    gfc follower

  7. Oxygen - I keep thinking about Total Recal where their eyes bug out :)

  8. The most important item I'd need would be a computer, I couldn't live without it. Oh, and chocolate of course.

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

  9. I think the most important item I would need on Mars would have to be a Screw No Evil note pad on which I could make a real dandy plan for survival and in addition some magnets would work real well as weapons - oh yea, think throwing stars here that stick. Thank you for the holiday fun!
    I am a follower, just in case you could not tell and I had to tweet to the masses (!/ZDz59001/status/142909545252003840)

  10. Most important thing to have with me on Mars: Would have to be Kitty Martini's purse filled with all her goodies and all the poofs... :)

    shared on Twitter:!/KellyMueller_


    I follow your blog. :) Kelly M

    Thanks for the giveaway

  11. I would need my books, definitely!

    lisa dot k dot mann @gmail dot com

  12. I think for me the most important thing that I will have with me on mars would be my laptop, at least I know that i will be able to communicate with the world one way. Thanks for the give away.
    Tweet :!/rogue484/
    email :

  13. I would definitely need a book to past the horribly slow time.
    prettyhadengurl (at) yahoo (dot) com

  14. The most improtant thing I'd need on mars (and call me cheesey) I would need my husband. I couldn't live without him.


  15. One item I would have to bring with me to Mars is my iPod 'cause it would have my music and books on it that way I get the best of both worlds :D

  16. Thanks for participating in the hop and for the giveaway opportunity.

    If I were to live on Mars, I would need my laptop, my books, and probably breathable air- so a special suit of sorts. (-;

  17. Following

  18. If I was to live on Mars, I would need a oxygen tank. :P

  19. the most important things for me to live on Mars would be.........breathable air, a great book and my love!!! Cant read one of these great books and not have a man with you....cmon!!!

  20. sorry email address is (this is for traci16)

  21. I would want to have my kindle so I can read my books and be connected to the internet. lol. If Mars doesn't have the internet, then I will bring the technology to establish it. Thanks for the giveaway.

    wingedpersephone at gmail dot com

  22. Oxygen :))

    Flock follower: kimyunalesca
    awesome giveaway!

  23. I think I'd have to have a working laptop, otherwise how would you know what was going on back home.

    GFC follow as seriousreader


    seriousreader at live dot com

  24. One of those big oxygenated bubble homes. I think I saw a movie like that once, but I don't remember the name. Thank you for the chance at your giveaway!
    follow gfc: Sebrina C

  25. Thanks for the giveaway

    GFC Michele Luker

    jmluker at winco dot net

  26. I cannot imagine life without my laptop and internet lol If I can't have those, then I need my kindle to keep my mind busy.!/momwants2win/status/143835310709669888

    I follow you on GFC
    Jennifer Rote
    wildnmild4u (at) yahoo (dot) com

  27. I would need AIR! LOL Food and water would be good too, of course. After that my Kindle.
    GFC Follower Library Lady
    adsanders77 at gmail dot com

  28. Thank you for the chance to win! edysicecreamlover18@gmailDOTcom GFC Krystal Larson

  29. I'd definitely need oxygen, water, and a good book! :)


  30. well besides the obvious id need chocolate and books

    ty for the chance

  31. I follow on gfc as Becca. Is my dog an item? I would like to have him. Thanks! sbcashortie at hotmail dot com

  32. A fully functional seal-able greenhouse!
    GFC- Krysta Banco


  33. I think a space suit.

  34. GFC: Leigh Ann
    probably oxygen would be helpful...

  35. Thanks for the great giveaway. Everything won is donated to the Franklin High school.

  36. The most important thing i think i would take would be H20 Not sure if there is drinkable water on mars or not.

  37. I tweeted about your giveaway


  38. This contest is now closed! The winner is: K33p3rofViolence

    Thanks to everyone who entered and stick around for more fun coming up very soon! :)