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Friday, December 9, 2011

Sheep Book Review: 'Within the Flames' by Marjorie Liu

Within the Flames, by author Marjorie Liu is the 11th novel in her PNR series Dirk & Steele. Unequivocally one of the best books out there, Lyssa and Eddie burn up the pages in a flaming hot paranormal whirlwind! The gauntlet has been thrown my friends with Liu smashing down anything in her way. The level of excellence contained in Within the Flames takes the reader to the edge of emotion and back, pushing within the boundaries of this whimsical PNR world.

A pyrokinetic and former car thief, Eddie cannot refuse an assignment to cross the continent in order to rescue an extraordinary woman in peril…even though he fears losing control of the destructive power of flame at his fingertips. The last of her shape-shifting kind, Lyssa hides in the abandoned tunnels beneath Manhattan. Like Eddie, fire is her weapon, her destiny…and her curse. For beneath Lyssa’s extraordinary beauty are dangerous secrets…and even darker, nearly irresistible urges…

Lyssa and Eddie are one of my new favorite book couples! Coming from extremely heart breaking pasts, these two lost souls come crashing into each others lives. When a band of psychotic witches unleash their plot to take over the world, and not in the 'Pinky and the Brain' kind of way things get crazy fast. The coo-coo group of witch gals are sucking peoples souls and torturing them relentlessly with endless mind games and excruciating physical pain. It's torture to read at times but a torture I'd gladly read over and over if not to be deeply submerged once again in this magnificent world.

Liu touches on so many issues it's hard to cover them all in one simple review, and honestly anything I have to say could never give this latest book its full due. But to provide a basic summary, you have a world of class issues, humanity rights, prejudice, loss and ultimate evil tipping the scales of power. Amongst it all is the power of love and how much would it take to have love light the way. Is it ever really enough? Lyssa's character in specific has been on the run for so long that letting anyone close is extremely difficult for her, letting anyone get close could end up getting that person killed. Eddie's on what he thinks is a milk run job for his employer, Dirk & Steele, but little does he know his life is about to get completely turned upside down. The world he thought he knew changes in more ways then he could have ever expected.

In an adventure taking you from San Francisco to New York, Liu heats up the pages with some smoking, fire-wielding romance. And while this may be a PNR, do NOT be fooled by the classification. It's more then just a smexy story with hot men to lap your tongue at, it's an action-packed adventure from beginning to end with everything you could ever hope for in between. The full range of the emotional rainbow is covered with a solid stamp of genuine genius which will leave you throughly engrossed. In a word: Masterpiece.

Good and Evil plus all the grey in between are covered in Within the Flames, truly an outstanding story that I'd recommend to anyone. If you're sick and tired of the same thing reach out and grab a hold of this world. You won't be disappointed and you will thank me for it!

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  1. Wow..... I have GOT to read these! I really appreciate the comprehensive review -- I know it's tough to do when there's just so darn much to tell and no words for it.

  2. I have not read the Dirk and Steele novels, but did read a short once. This installment sounds great, thank you for taking the time to share with us today :)