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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sheep Interview with Elizabeth Kolodziej + Give away

Today we visit with Elizabeth Kolodziej to talk about her paranormal romance series The Last Witch. Liz is a great gal who fought through the self-publishing jungle to make her dream come true. She has learned much on her journey and shares those experiences with others on her blog. Stick around till the end and get a chance to win one or both of her books!

New York. Coffee Shop. 2 Sheep and 1 witch meet...

Sharon: If you could have a theme song play every time you walked into a room, what would it be?
Liz: Right to the good stuff huh? lol. My theme song changes from time to time but right now I'm using Girl with Issues by Aimee Allen. I think it explains me pretty well. ha ha.
Here is Liz's theme song!

Sharon: Can you tell our readers a little about your series?
Liz: The Last Witch series is about Faith, a woman in her 20's who finds out she is the last witch in the world. She is surrounded by vampires, werewolves, shape shifters and the likes. The first book is a lot of background and her reaction to all the different creatures, along with her budding romance with a certain Irish vampire named Trent. The second book is a lot of action and suspense leaving the reader to hate or love me. I am working on the third book now, which will shock readers and have at least a couple more in mind.
Sharon: I can personally say that Trent is swoon worthy ;)
Liz: I think so! Hehe.

Katie: Who's your favorite vampire to date?
Liz: Hmmm. I'm sort of a traditionalist so I would go with Dracula. He is what inspired so many authors in this genre and I must give him props for that.
Katie: Niiiice!
Sharon: Do you have a favorite version of Dracula? I think Frost’s Vlad is going to be my favorite <G>?

Liz: Vlad is great!! OMG. But I like the original because I have so much respect for him.

Sharon: When did the ideas of your story first come to you and can you briefly tell us your journey from concept to published work?
Liz: I started the first book, Vampyre Kisses, when I was around 18 and worked on it for around five years before finishing (I was in college and was just writing for fun). The actual idea I can't exactly remember. It's mostly from reading and watching shows about vampires and I love witches so it was simple to take the leap and connect the two. When I finished it I looked at it and thought, "OK, what do I do with it now?" I couldn't get an agent so I said frig this and decided to go with self publishing. However, I didn't like the idea of someone getting my hard earned money and then went Indie. Make mistakes, learn new things, do what you have to. ;)

Katie: Answer me this VERY important question. Who would be your first choice on a vampire dream date?
Liz: Bones. ::drool:: I know I should probably say Trent but that would be cheating and Bones is just sexy as hell.
Sharon: *shakes head*
Katie: Mm yes Bones would be a dreamy date…would have to get past Cat first though...
Liz: Nope nope nope. See in my world Cat is gone and he’s all about me lol!
Sharon: Sorry Katie, I’m heading to Liz’s world. Vald is waiting for me…

Sharon: What advice do you have for other writers thinking about self-publishing?
Liz: Learn your trade! Being an author means you are marketing, promoting, and making lots of decisions. The reason why so many writers fail is because they don't learn the industry and think they don't need an editor. Please get an editor! Self publishing will cost you but if you work hard and learn you can go pretty far (use me for an example ha ha).
Sharon: Don’t you do a lot of self-pub advice posts on your blog?
Liz: All the time. It’s my way of giving back since I’m poor and can’t give charities money. Ha ha.
Sharon: Here is the link to her blog if you want to stop by and get advice.

Katie: Okay, serious question. Who do YOU think the best vampire kisser would be?
Liz: Bones. lol, I can't get away from this guy!
Sharon: psst…Katie, you know there are shifters in this book too and you can ask about things other than vampires?
Katie: Yeah I KNOW. I will. Just getting the vamp ones out of the way. Geez *rolls eyes*
Liz: LOL.

Sharon: What kind of scenes do you find hardest/easiest to write?
Liz: Action scenes are difficult since I see everything play out in my head and I want it to look that way but on paper. Coming up with descriptions for it and trying to convey the way someone kicks someone can be tricky so I always go crying to my beta reader, yes you Sharon (thank the gods you put up with me!), and ask her what she thinks.
Sharon: Now, you have never come crying, maybe whimpering a little, but never crying <G>
Liz: Unless you know who ends up you know what at the end of Werewolf Descent. Wah!
Sharon: Waaaaah!!! (no one knows what we are crying about ;)

Katie: Alright I know I've seemed a bit side tracked with the vamp questions so I'll ask something else. In a fight who do you think would win. A vampire or a werewolf?
Sharon: *headdesk*
Liz: he he. First, depends on which vampire from what series and ditto for the werewolf. Overall, I would have to say a vampire. hehe. Speed, quick healing, fangs, sometimes claws, it just makes sense to me.
Katie: I'm with ya, for the most part I'd say ANY vamp could take down a werewolf. But that's just me! And stop shaking your head at me Sharon! hahaha
Liz: Loving it!

Sharon: How many books do you see for your series and what can we expect?
Liz: Right now I have ideas for book #4 (Divine Betrayals) and #5 (no name yet). My goal is to have at least 8 books out from this series. You can expect to be shocked, worried, on the edge of your seat, not able to put these books down. Faith is going through some massive changes in Witch Devotions (play on words), which will hopefully make for lots of good books to come.

Sharon: You have vampires, werewolves and gods/goddesses in your series. Are there going to be any other paranormal creatures showing up?
Liz: Don't forget Oran! :) Yes, there are going to be more creatures showing up. Everyone keeps saying zombies but I'm not really down with them. I look through lots of folklore and think hard about who to give what abilities. But one thing I can tell you for sure…Demons and ghosts are going to make the scene.
Sharon: Sexy demons or mean eat your face demons?
Katie: And will any of these demons hook up with a vampire?
Liz: I’m not there yet so I’m not sure. Probably a little of both. LMAO Katie, anything is possible. I only have the idea of the demon not the total story line yet. ;)

Katie: If nothing else has mattered yet in this interview please take this next question serious ok? Do you know any hot singles vamps? And if so can you give them my number?
Liz: lmao. Well there is this one vamp…Collin is single and he loves the ladies. A little kinky though.
Sharon: Collin needs to find his love!
Katie: I'm down with the kink! Hook a sista up! *grabs paper and pen to take down digits*
Liz: I don’t know about Collin. I think he is a bachelor man for the moment, but maybe in the future.

Sharon: People might be surprised to hear this, but you are a Roller Derby Girl!! How did you get involved in that?
Liz: True story: watched whip it with my BF at the time and he said you should do that and I said ok I will. Looked online and found out there was one league (Diamond State Roller Girls) down the street. I loved it but regrettably I can't do it anymore since I got this back injury. I'm hoping with time and lots of PT I can get back to it. Guess what my name was! hehehehe. Kitty Vampyre. Number? bl00d. 00 really but in derby you can add letters to the numbers.
Sharon: Got a pic we can show?
Liz: Sure!

Time for our Rapid Fire round! Don't worry Liz, we don't use real bullets....much (bwahaha..ha.ha?)

Sharon: sticky notes or back of hand?
Liz: Sticky notes.

Katie: Edward Cullen or Bill Compton?
Liz: Bill Compton over a sparkly virgin vamp any day!
Sharon: Careful, Katie has a “thing” for Edward
Katie: I do. The book version AND Rob P. *sigh*

Liz: ::covers ears:: la la la la LAAAA

Sharon: Silver or Gold?
Liz: Silver

Katie: Blade or Angel?
Liz: Angel.

Sharon: Pepsi or Coke? (choose very carefully! ;)
Liz: Coke? But I don't really drink soda much.
Sharon: *sob*
Katie: Ha! Ha! Good choice Elizabeth! *highs fives*

Liz: I have no idea what just happened here…
Sharon: you just ripped my heart out, that’s all <G>

Katie: Basement or Attic?
Liz: Basement! Attic is too hot.
Katie: And awful for day light sleeping.
Liz: Egg-sactly!

Sharon: Godzilla or King Kong
Liz: Godzilla (say it in an accent hehe).

Katie: Fangs or Claws?
Liz: Fangs baby.
Katie: My kinda gal.

Sharon: Pe-can or Pe-con?
Liz: Huh? … Pe-can?
Sharon: I wanted to know how you pronounced Pecan. Some weird people say “Pe-con”, I know, right?
Katie: I say "Pe-kan" with some souther drawl. *winks*

Liz: Oh! Pe-can all the way.

Katie: Super Speed or Super Hearing?
Liz: Super speed. Can that come with super strength? Would make my trips a lot more cost friendly...
Katie: I'm going to say super strength is a give.
Liz: Then totally super speed.

Sharon: duct tape or super glue?
Liz: Duct Tape!!
Sharon: what color?
Liz: The Hello Kitty one!

Katie: True Blood or The real thing?
Liz: True Blood
Katie: Trying to be good I see….*evil laugh*
Liz: Ha ha!

Katie: Thanks so much for stopping by to chat with us Elizabeth, anything you'd like to add before we wrap? It can of course be about vampires. *winks*
Liz: Please join in the fun going on at my website Always doing giveaways and having fun. Thinking of doing a contest for “be in my book or a short story” based on the winner….
Sharon: I wanna be in a story with a smexy shifter...


Liz has been very generous, and is offering two prizes! One person a paper copy of her first book Vampyre Kisses and another person will win an ecopy of both her books (Vampyre Kisses and Werewolf Descent)

I Smell Sheep will throw in some super cool swag too! (we really are too good to you guys ;)

To win:
1. Leave contact info in comments
2. Answer this question: Who is your favorite vampire or shifter?

Double entries for followers!
Contest ends: Dec. 27th at midnight.


  1. Great interview. Katie always trying to throw the Vampires in the mix. I do have to agree with Liz on Edward or Bill. I would choose Bill. As much as I don't like him, I prefer him over sparkles. Sorry. Again great interview as always. They make me LOL.
    I have never read any of Liz's books before but I am interested and finding out more.


  2. Oh I forgot, I am a follower too. (:

  3. My favourite vamp is Eric Northman *drool*

    ticklebear2 at yahoo dot com

  4. Why such a hard question?!Wrath from BDR. Of course there's Acheron too. Okay, I can't make up my mind!

  5. Awesome Interview!!!
    My Favorite Vamp is Bones. He is just super sexy :) Love the fact that he is all about keeping Cat safe but still lets her have her freedom :)

    I am a follower ;)


  6. I have to say my favorite vampire is Eric Northman (from the books) yep - he's the fave for sure. I have recently bought Vampire Kisses and it is in the TBR. I am looking forward to the read and appreciate your sharing with us today. Okay, I am glad we got the Coke and Pepsi issue settled, but no one asked moonpies or cake? and just where does Liz stand on the issue of Kool-Aid, you know grape or cherry - inquiring minds want to know.
    I am a follower :)

  7. Great interview. This is a new (to me) author. I'd love to win these.
    Hmmm favorite vampire or shifter. Well I have to say my namesake, Bones from Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series, is one of my favorite vamps but there are others like little known Armand in Anne Rice's Interview with a Vampire. As for shifters, again there are many, but Rule from Eileen Wilks' Lupi series, and the guys from Nalini Singh's PSY/Changling series are hot too.
    WildAboutBones at gmail dot com

  8. hahahaha one funny interview :))

    well, vamp or shifter.. it's so hard to choose cuz i like many vamp n shifter.. but lately i really love miss frost's vlad, the pyro-vamp. i can't wait for his book in 2012

    i'm a recently join follower :)

    sienny (

  9. My favorite vampire would be a tie between Bones from Night Huntress-Jeaniene Frost or Jean-Claude from Anita Blake-Laurell K Hamilton. My favorite shifter would have to be Alcide from Sookie Stackhouse-Charlaine Harris or Jason from Anita Blake-Laurell K Hamilton, or Logan from Jodi Redford book.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. Tanya Huff's Henry Fitzroy for the Vampire and Nalini Singh's Lucas Hunter for the shape shifter (or at least for now - subject to change on reading more books )

    follower: ilona
    felinewyvern at googlemail dot com