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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Character Confessions: Sammy Divine (Terri Garey) giveaway

We have a brand new guest post feature starting today. Character Confessions is a chance for a character to speak/vent about issues they have with their creator. Today we welcome Sammy Divine the original bad boy from Terri Garey's paranormal Nicki Styx Mystery series. He is so bad he demanded his own series The Devil's Bargain. I will now turn the site over to Sammy and Terri...

TERRI: Hi, Sharon, and thanks for having me at I Smell Sheep! 

I hope you don’t mind, but Sammy Divine has decided to horn in on our little visit. (I couldn't tell him no… I've always been a sucker for a blue-eyed devil, and when the Devil has abs like that, saying no is almost impossible.) Anyway, Sammy got wind that you wanted to hear his confessions today, and once he stopped laughing at the idea of confessing to anything, he was bound and determined to come along and have his say. He’s promised to behave himself in return for a chance to express himself, as long as he set nothing on fire and prodded no one with his giant… um… pitchfork. 

SAMMY: My, what a way you have with words, Terri. They flow so beautifully from your fingers to the page, giving me a voice with which to tell my story, including how unfairly I was treated over that regrettable mix-up with Eve in the Garden of Eden. Only you —beautiful, creative you, author of my being— can see the darkness within my soul, and know that it harbors —nay, cherishes— a tiny bit of light.

TERRI: Save the sweet talk for someone else, Handsome—I know you too, well, remember? Six pack abs and gorgeousness aside, you’re the King of Lies, and I never forget that.

SAMMY: Curses! Why must you always resist me? Don’t you know how hard it is for me to be mere feet away from you every day, yet never be able to reach from the page and touch you? Do you not yearn for me as I yearn for you? Do you not desire the brush of my fingers, the taste of my lips, as I desire yours?

TERRI: Whew! Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here? I believe you were warned to set nothing on fire, Sammy!

SAMMY: ---

TERRI: Stop looking at me like that! I’m a married woman, and you’re in love with someone else. Everyone knows that Nicki Styx is your soul mate. 

SAMMY: Is she? Then why did you write our story so that she’s marrying someone else? 

TERRI: Uh oh. 

SAMMY: Why did you create that smug do-gooder Joe Bascombe, and hand him my beautiful Nicki on a platter, hm? Why are you writing that little novella, HAPPILY NEVER AFTER, and inviting readers to their wedding? He’ll never appreciate her… he doesn't see her full potential, and he’ll never be able to give her what she needs on his paltry salary as a doctor. I, on the other hand, I could give her everything, a kingdom, treasures, power… anything her heart desires. 

TERRI: What her heart desires is Joe. 

SAMMY: There’s that way you have with words again, Terri. Sharp as a sword. How wonderful it must be to have absolute control over the lives you hold at your fingertips… their joy, their happiness, their sorrow. Are you as cruel to all your characters as you are to me? 

TERRI: Now, Sammy, let’s not get all melodramatic, shall we? I gave you your own series, after all, remember? I showed the readers your kingdom and some of the mysteries of Sheol: the Forest of Forgetting, the Canyons of Despair, the Sea of Sorrows. I let them meet the basilisk, the fire imps, the Nereids, even the Leviathan. I invited them into your audience room, gleaming with gold and swathed in velvet, and into your bedchamber, bathed in firelight and scented with desire. 

And I haven’t forgotten about your happily-ever-after, you know. It took two books, DEVIL WITHOUT A CAUSE and A DEVIL NAMED DESIRE to get you to the point where you might be ready for a real relationship—you had to first learn to love others more than yourself, and then you had to learn the true value of sacrifice. Your story isn't over yet, Sammy. Be patient. Have a little faith in me, the writer. 

SAMMY: It’s been a very long time since I've had faith in anyone, my dear, except for myself. But, even a devil must yield to the powers that be. I await your next story with bated breath—what are you calling my next novel, anyway? 

TERRI: The working title is THE DEVIL’S OWN. 

SAMMY: The Devil’s own what? 

TERRI: Wouldn't you like to know. Now be off, Gorgeous. You've steamed up our guest blog long enough, and I've got some writing to do!

A Southern girl with an overactive imagination, Terri Garey is the RITA© award winning author of six novels, two series, and various novellas. Her devilishly delicious tales from the dark side have been described as "sweet yet smouldering" by Publishers Weekly, and "sultry and upbeat" by Library Journal. Despite her choice of spooky subject matter, Terri prefers not to hang out in graveyards, especially on Halloween. 

Thanks to Terri and Sammy (swoon) Divine! Here are all 4 books in the Nicki Styx's series plus the two novellas and the two books in the Devil's Bargain series.

No, you can't have Sammy! He's mine...
But one winner will get their choice of any of Terri's books above!
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