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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Book Review: The Darkening (Dawn of Ascension, #2) by Caris Roane

He thwarted connection of any kind…
Fearing that his newly emerged grayle power will kill innocent ascenders, Samuel Daman struggles to keep his distance from beautiful Vela Stillwell. But the breh-hedden has struck and her light floral scent tears at his restraint. When the enemy draws them both into the darkening, a place of secret travel for Third ascenders, will Samuel learn to control his power, or will he destroy what he desires most?

She hid from grief…

Vela Stillwell wanted a new life, away from Militia Headquarters, away from the reminder of all she’d lost when her husband died five years earlier. Seeking a more reclusive occupation, she finishes her last day of work only to have Samuel Daman and the infamous breh-hedden sweep through her life. Though trying to disconnect from her new emerging power and from Samuel, the call of the darkening pulls Vela into an adventure that both terrifies her, yet reveals the truth about her deepest desires. Will she succumb to the breh-hedden, or will her fears prevent her from living life to the fullest?

The Darkening, the second novella in Caris Roane's new Guardians of Ascension series, is a fast-paced, action-packed, sexy ride that will leave readers new and old wanting more.

Warrior Samuel has two big problems, the first being that his newly emerged, but deadly powers have been discovered (by whom?). The second is that the breh-hedden (a kind of bonding that begins with the affected pair being able to scent each other) has struck and is slowly taking over his thought process. He is the type of hero that really makes a romance thrive; the battered soul who, on the outside is deadly and fierce, but on the inside is lonely and unsure.

Vela Stillwell's plans for her future have been completely blown apart. On her last day at work the breh-hedden comes for her and the last thing she wants or needs is another warrior in her life. Widowed five years before, all she wants is a quiet, peaceful life away from men and the war that claimed her husband. She may seem like a quiet, reclusive female but she's more than willing to step out of her self-imposed exile if it means saving lives. She's gutsy, strong, and intelligent. Vela's strong reaction to Samuel is frightening to both of our leading characters, and with both Samuel and Vela fighting the breh-hedden, The Darkening adds an element of angst to action and romance.

What was truly enjoyable about this novella is that, like in the previous one, Brink of Eternity, there are a lot of details and there's a real story development in The Darkening. The pace of the story is fast but thorough, something that I've rarely found in novellas. Readers get a real sense of Caris Roane's style and are able to better judge if the full length novels are for them or not. In the past I have read and liked novellas by certain authors, only to be disappointed when I purchased a book by that author. Such is not the case here and that is something to consider when looking at these series.

As a new reader (this is only my second foray into the world Roane has created) I still found the terminology a little confusing but because I already knew the dictionary was located at the end of the book, reading went a little smoother. Still it is a little hard to keep up with the names of previous characters so I recommend reading the previous books before picking this one up.

Because Caris Roane has definitely piqued my interest with how detailed and complete her worlds are, I will (hopefully) be picking up all her previous books soon.

4 Sheep

About the Author:
I confess I've had a love affair with vampires for several years now, especially warrior vampires, the kind found in the books of Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lara Adrian and JR Ward. Though I've been published in Regency Romance under the pseudonym Valerie King--and yes one of my Regency Novellas features a vampire--one day I woke up knowing I had to create my own contemporary world of the warrior vampire.

For some mystical, magical reason, early in the process, my vampires appeared with enormous beautiful wings and it has been the most amazing experience to include flight in my novels, in both battle scenes and scenes involving spectacle. My special vampire world, published by St. Martin's Press, is introduced in the first book called, ASCENSION (12-28-2010). The second book, BURNING SKIES (May of 2011), opens up the world a little bit more. And even as I write this, I'm on the final draft of my third novel, WINGS OF FIRE (September of 2011). What a thrill it has been to live with my ascended vampires through the creation of this extraordinary, multi-dimensional world!



  1. Nice review Adria, even the blurb has those strange words. I do want to read this series one day though.