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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Book Review: Caressed by a Crimson Moon by Amanda J Greene

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Caressed by a Crimson Moon (Rulers of Darkness #3)
Consumed by madness and tormented by dark memories of blood and death, Hadrian Lucretius, King of the Validus Clan, has returned after living in self-imposed exile for nearly three hundred and fifty years.

To maintain peace with the vampires, Eva Maldonado is offered as a sacrifice to the crazed vampire king by her father, the alpha of the Silveria Shifter Pack. Hadrian’s reputation is both legendary and lethal; he is ruthless, bloodthirsty, lusty, and soulless. When Eva arrives at the ancient fortress high in the Carpathian Mountains, she is shocked to find a ravaged man with dark burning eyes filled with loneliness and dangerous desire.

Would she be his lover…or his prey? His savior…or his victim? Would Hadrian lure her into madness or would their perilous passion be their redemption?

Caressed by a Crimson Moon is the first book by Amanda J. Greene I've read. Her previous books are sitting in my Kindle waiting for me and I must say that after reading this book, I will definitely be making some major time for her other work.

After living in a self imposed exile for over three hundred years, Hadrian Lucretius, widely known as the "mad vampire king," has returned. He demands that the Silveria Shifter Pack honor the agreement made long ago by placing one of the alpha's daughters as his ward. As a test, the alpha instead hands over his half breed, bastard daughter Eva. If she survives the mad king, then the alpha will replace her with one of his precious full breed daughters.

As the heroine of the story, Eva had little to begin with, she was essentially a slave to her father's pack, beaten and looked down upon by all. She reminded me of a paranormal/gothic Cinderella, complete with an evil stepmother and step-siblings. But that's where the similarities ended because Eva doesn't allow them to get the best of her. She's more than what she seems and when she gets it into her mind to help Hadrian deal with his tortured past, she doesn't let any one stand in her way.

Hadrian has a dark past that he has allowed to almost completely consume him. He walks the thin line between sanity and complete madness but with Eva's determination and strength, he finds hope that he may have a reason to live after all.

Author Amanda J. Greene delivered erotic love scenes but didn't allow the story to fade into the background. Caressed by a Crimson Moon is interesting, sexy and difficult to put down. In my opinion it can be read as a stand alone, which is what I did, but I would recommend picking up the previous books in the series in order to thoroughly enjoy the world created by author.

4 and 1/2 Sheep

About the Author:
Amanda J. Greene is an erotic paranormal romance author. When she is not writing, she can be found playing the role of a full time university student, who works part time.
She lives in Southern California with her very supportive, military husband and their sweet cocker spaniel.

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