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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Phoenix Comicon 2013: Interview Author Marsheila Rockwell + Giveaway

I Smell Sheep got the chance to meet up with the amazing author Marsheila Rockwell at Phoenix Comicon 2013. We hope you enjoy this fun interview! 

Katie: Hello Marsheila, amazing to see you again! How has life been since we met at this same time last year? 

Marcy: Hi, Katie! It’s great to see you and the I Smell Sheep crew again, too! Things have been super busy since last Phoenix ComiCon. My latest Dungeons & Dragons Online novel, Skein of Shadows, came out in July 2012. Then I had two books out in early 2013. The first, Tales of Sand and Sorcery, is a collection of my Arabian-flavored sword & sorcery stories put out by Musa Publishing, all of which center around two women warriors, Shaala and Kij. The second, Bridges of Longing and Other Strange Passageways, is a collection of short stories and poetry from the first fifteen years of my writing career, and includes multiple award-nominated pieces. I’m working on some fun collaborative stuff, and still plugging away on my paranormal profiler series. And, finally, I’ve been contracted to write the first three books in a series based on a pretty cool comic book property, the first of which will be released later this year. I really wish I could tell you more about that one, because I’m very excited about it, but unfortunately, I’m gagged by my NDA until the publisher gives me the go-ahead. Hopefully soon, though. FX! 

Katie: You sit on a few different panels at the convention; tell me a little more about the panels in general and why folks should sit in? 

Marcy: I’ll be doing my usual panels - a couple of writing advice/critique sessions, one on genre poetry, and one on writing tie-in fiction. In addition, this year I’ll be doing some panels on the mystery/thriller/suspense and horror tracks, since my writing involves a lot of those elements, especially the new stuff I’ve been contracted to do, as well as some other projects I have in the works. You should sit in because all of my fellow panelists are smart and know their stuff, and most of them are funny, too, so you will learn new things and be greatly entertained in the process. Plus we’re cute, and snappy dressers, to boot. ;) 

Katie: Do you see a lot of the same authors at these conventions and have friendships formed? 

Marcy: You do tend to see a lot of the same faces, and friendships inevitably form, so in many ways, conventions aren’t just business opportunities for writers, they are annual reunions with people who are near and dear to you that you might not get to see very often otherwise. I’ve made some incredible, life-changing friendships on the con circuit, most notably with the ever-awesome and funny Gini Koch and with the super-talented and also amazingly sweet Jeff Mariotte (with whom I am currently collaborating on some Very Exciting Things). 

Katie: If someone wanted to ask a question at a panel, is there an open mic policy or is it a sit, listen and learn experience? 

Marcy: Most panels have a Q&A period, but it sort of depends on the moderator – some will encourage questions throughout, and others prefer that questions be held until toward the end of a panel, so that the panelists have a chance to say everything they want to say. Speaking as a panelist, though, we love questions – it means you’re actually in the room to hear us, and not just getting a good seat for the panel that comes after ours, heh. 

Katie: What's the best part of coming to this convention, for you personally?

Marcy: There are so many great things about this convention, it’s hard to pick a “best.” First off, they treat authors like rock stars here – they have a wonderful con suite, liaisons that bring us food and water and will watch our tables when we’re not there, good promotion, the works. Phoenix ComiCon is definitely my favorite con of the year, for that reason alone. But I also get to see and spend time with a lot of dear friends (like Jeff and Gini), and the guests and attendees are unfailingly awesome, and the whole thing is incredibly well-run and not (yet) so crowded that my agoraphobia kicks in and I have to hide under the table, rocking back and forth and crying. So that’s always a plus, heh. 

Katie: I turn on your car stereo right now, what's the first thing I would hear? 

Marcy: Depends on whom I was chauffeuring last. If it was my eldest son, probably an All That Remains CD. If it was my two youngest, probably the soundtrack to The Hobbit (they love “Song of the Lonely Mountain” and have it memorized, to my alternating amusement and despair). If it was me, usually something from the 80’s. I think I have The Waterboys in there right now. 

Katie: Have you ever walked the floor in costume? 

Marcy: You mean aside from my author costume? Heh. No, but if I did, I’d want to go as either Wonder Woman or Donna Troy. Probably Donna Troy, because it gets cold in here! 

Katie: During the zombie apocalypse, what fictional character would you want watching your back? 

Marcy: Duh. Daryl from The Walking Dead. He can watch the rest of me, too. ;) 

Katie: Would you rather fight Neo from the Matrix or Blade from…well Blade? 
Marcy: Neo. Because I’m a writer, I’m used to manipulating imaginary worlds and characters at my whim. I’d have control of the Matrix in no time, and use it against him. I’d probably keep him in a box and make him recite lines from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure for my amusement. 

Katie: Now we move into the Rapid Fire round! Sit back, relax, and answer with the first thing that pops up! 

Katie: Lucky Charms or Fruity Pebbles? 

Marcy: Lucky Charms. Because magically delicious! 

Katie: Crest or Colgate? 

Marcy: Crest. But only the gel kind with sparkles. Because everything’s better with sparkles. (Except vampires, obviously.) 

Katie: Deep fried or oven baked? 

Marcy: Deep fried. 

Katie: Coke or Pepsi? 
Marcy: Diet Coke. With Splenda. 

Katie: Captain America or Iron Man? 

Marcy: Can’t I have both? Pretty please? 

Katie: Peach Pie or Strawberry Cheesecake? 

Marcy: CHEESECAKE!!!!!! 

Katie: Puppy or Kitty? 

Marcy: Kitty. 

Katie: Sexy Pirate or Sexy Military man? 

Marcy: This one’s easy, since it’s a well-documented fact I have a thing for guys in uniforms. Military all the way, baby. 

Katie: Thanks for sitting down to chat with me, anything you would like to add before we wrap? 

Marcy: I’d just like to a) say thanks again for giving me a chance to blather on about myself, and b) recommend to any of your readers who are at all local to the Southwest to make the effort to get to this con – it really is one of the best around, and you won’t be disappointed, I promise! 

Marsheila Buy Links: 

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Marsheila (Marcy) Rockwell was born [redacted] years ago in America's Last, Best Place. A descendant of kings, pilgrims, Ojibwe hunters and possibly a witch or two, she spent the first few years of her life frolicking gleefully in a large backyard that is now part of one of the nation's largest Superfund sites. Perhaps that explains her early penchant for fantasy and horror - the first book she ever read (at the tender age of three) was Frank L. Baum's "Ozma of Oz."

Marcy sold her first short story to Marion Zimmer Bradley while in college and her first novel to Wizards of the Coast in 2005. She now lives in the desert in the shadow of an improbably green mountain with her Naval officer husband, their three sons, the requisite black lab, and far too many books. In odd moments stolen from her family and her writing, she can be found browsing eBay for Wonder Woman/Girl figures or Seabees sweetheart jewelry from WWII.

One lucky winner will receive their choice, signed copy of either Tales of Sand & Sorcery or Bridges of Longing

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  1. Ha! I bet Daryl Dixon is a popular choice ;) Great interview questions Katie! I think I might steal some :) too bad about the Coke thing... *shakes head*

    1. lol It's NOT too bad about the Coke thing. One day, you will see and regret all those years of Pepsi! xoxox

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    1. Lori, neither of these two books is on audio, but my three Eberron novels are, so if you're the winner, we can work something out. :)


  11. I'd love to join Marsheila in fighting Neo.
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  14. Great fun interview! Thanks esp. to Marcy for the Mysterious Galaxy plug. Go, indies! :)

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