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Friday, May 31, 2013

Phoenix Comicon 2013: Interview Author Kevin Hearne + Giveaway

Phoenix Comicon 2013 was action packed with authors galore! We got the chance to sit down and chat with NYT bestselling author Kevin Hearne. This is one UF series you need to read! 

Katie: Hello Kevin, so wonderful to see you again here at the Convention! How has life and writing been treating you over the past year? 
Kevin: It's treated me remarkably well. I've finished six books and now I'm contracted to write seven more—one Star Wars novel, three more Iron Druid books, and an epic.
Katie: Wow, Wow, Wow. A Star Wars novel?! You gotta tell me more! 
Kevin: Well, since I'm under an NDA I can't tell you much except what's been publicly announced: I'm writing a standalone adventure set between Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back featuring Luke, Han, Chewie, and Leia. 

Katie: The Iron Druid series has been a stellar hit for the reading community, what's been the most exciting thing, for you, being here at this convention? 
Kevin: I get to hang out with fabulous humans like Cherie Priest and Delilah Dawson and my other writer friends. Writers so rarely come out of their caves. It's nice to be social with other writers and visit with the readers who make it all possible.
Katie: Do you all plan evenings out? Cause mayhem in the streets of Downtown Phoenix? If so, I'm totally in! 
Kevin: Mostly we grin at each other and then realize after about two minutes that we don't have a drink in our hands. For social misfits that's a bloody crisis. So we go somewhere to get some liquid courage and then resume grinning. 

Katie: You sit on a number of panels with fellow authors, what's the most interesting piece of information folks can learn during one of these sit downs? 
Kevin: I'm not sure that I ever learn things myself because I'm usually too occupied with geeking out to process anything. A panel could be laying down some profound stuff but I'd miss it all because my brain would be going OMG I'M CONVERTING OXYGEN TO CARBON DIOXIDE IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO JOHN SCALZI.

Katie: Do fans ever ask if you can personally practice magic? 
Kevin: Ha! Yes, I've had a few. Some are convinced I'm a Druid or starting my own religion.
Katie: Which, you totally are. Ok lesson one of being a Druid, teach me something. 
Kevin: In the forest you're always being watched. It's not paranoid if it's true.

Katie: The next edition in your series, Hunted, hits shelves next month (June) what can we all look forward to? Spoilers please?!  
Kevin: There was about a twelve-year gap between TRICKED and TRAPPED, but HUNTED picks up about two minutes after the end of TRAPPED. We'll meet some old enemies and old friends, but also get a new bad guy, a new good girl, and oh my god cravats and what lies beyond the library of graphic novels...!
Katie: New bad guys? Are they hot. This is VERY important! 
Kevin: t is? Well, he thinks he's hot. Whether that's true or not is debatable.

Katie: Did you have posters on your wall growing up? If so, who and why? 
Kevin: I didn't, actually. I think I had paintings by my grandma on the walls. All the stuff I wanted to look at was in comic books. POW! and KER-BIFF!
Katie: Well then I must know, favorite comic arc?  
Kevin: I love CHEW by Jon Layman and Rob Guillory. I'll take any arc of theirs right now. But in days of yore I loved The Kindly Ones by Neil Gaiman in Sandman.

Katie: If every time you walked into a room a song would play, what would be and why?
Kevin: "Calling All Crows" by State Radio. It makes me happy and you kinda have to groove to it.

Katie: To date, the best costume you've seen at this convention? 
Kevin: Leeloo from the Fifth Element. The girl spoke in tongues and everything. Biiiiiig bada-boom.
Katie: Chicken, goooood! 
Kevin: Multipass!

Katie: You know we have to do some rapid fire questions! Sit back and hang onto your chair! 

Katie: Terrible nickname or a terrible tattoo?
Nickname. Because if I have to get stabbed hundreds of times with a needle I'd damn well better look pretty afterward.

Katie: Captain Malcolm Reynolds or Captain James T Kirk? 

Katie: Rule Earth or Mars? 
Mars. I'd get far fewer complaints that way, considering the population.

Katie: Sexy Nurse or Sexy Teacher? 
Sexy teacher. I'm married to one.
Katie: Yeow! Winner, winner chicken dinner! 

Katie: Design a watch or a suit? 
Katie: First gadget it would have?
It would deliver programmed messages on the hour from 6am to 6pm and nothing else.
6 am: "Your ass is gonna need some coffee if you're gonna deal with this shit."
7 am: "You might wanna take a shower as a public service."
8 am: "Hell YES it's time for more coffee."
9 am: "If you don't write a thousand words today I'm going to leap up offa your wrist and punch you in the mouth."
10 am: "The dogs need to urinate on other people's plants. Take 'em for a walk."
11 am: "Get off Twitter and write something!"
12 pm: "It's lunchtime, but don't stop writing if you're in the groove. And don't stop believing. Hold on to that feeling. And what the fuck are street light people?"
1 pm: "Your Pandora channels are getting stale and you need to make a new one but don't spend more than five minutes dicking around. You have a book to write."
2 pm: "Oh, you're tired? Well, allow me to retort. Chuck Wendig wrote three books and a blog this morning and he's a gourmet cook too. Keep working!"
3 pm: "Woohoo, it's happy hour, my man!"
4 pm: "Hey, you see this mess in the house? You better clean this shit up before your wife gets home."
5 pm: "Time to get started cooking dinner. Remember that you're supposed to use vegetables this time, all right?"
6 pm: "Okay, dude, you can relax now. Get yourself a comic book and geek out."

[Sorry folks, we had a nerd moment and just don't care!]

Katie: Jog or Speed walk? 
Do I have to?

Katie: Bagel or Muffin? 
To quote Aerosmith back in their days of coke and whiskey, "You ain't seen nuthin' till you been down on a muffin."

Katie: Learn battle techniques from a viking or a ninja? 
Viking. I want to drink in the mead hall afterward.

A BIG thanks again to Kevin for talking time out of his busy schedule to chat with us! 


  1. i would like a watch simple but really resilient, i would be happy if it could have the shape/design of an wolf's head

    gfc follower: miki


    1. oups i forgot teh why.. i love wolf ^^ and i'm quite timid so something big would make me avoid to wear it. also i want it to be resilient becaus ei don't like changes a lot and when i have something i like i tends to keep it as long as possible

  2. oh wow I LOVE Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid series. What a great interview!

    Okay now onto the watch question-can I have one that tells me that I need to get off my butt and check out the latest books at Barnes & Nobles, make my coffee pot go faster in the morning when I am stumbling around like a drunk sprite and be simple looking yet elegant.

    I follow you on facebook, email & twitter.

    email is love2read28@gmail(dot)com

  3. I absolutely love The Iron Druid Chronicles. My man and I listen to the audiobooks and Luke Daniels does a great job.

    This was a very fun interview.

    My watch would be programmed to page or call me during boring meetings, so I could leave and look like I had to for work purposes.

    I follow via email: nrlymrtl at gmail dot com

  4. I am such a FAN :) Thanks for an awesome, awesome interview! My watch would be programmed with winning lottery numbers and the fastest interstate routes to avoid traffic. Oh and it would zap annoying people with a lazer beam :)

    gfc: erin

  5. My watch would ring a red-alert klaxon every hour on the hour that wouldn't quit until I'd left my computer and did something active for at least fifteen minutes, even if it's gardening or walking to get the mail.

    Love the Iron Druid series. Atticus is in a class of his own.

    I follow the Sheep by every means possible -

  6. If I designed a watch, I would like it to be like a steam punk one. how neat would that be!

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  7. I would design a watch that stopped time for everyone except for the person wearing the watch. Could you imagine the possibilites? lol

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  8. My best friend is bugging me to read this series and I'm betting she'd love some signed swag.

    I'd want a watch that has an alarm that oinks! because oinking is fun!

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  9. I would design a watch with a built in MP3 player. Awesome interview!
    Thanks :)
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  11. My watch would have Candy Crush Saga with unlimited lives in it. I know I'm a CCS addict and I own it.
    gfc follower Bethany C.


  12. a shatterproof watch in case I drop it on the floor, so it doesn't crack

    I follow via email

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  13. I love the Iron Druid series, what fun to meet the author himself! Thanks for the great interview, I really enjoyed reading this.
    My watch would tell me: 15.30 pm time to go home! and at 16:00 reading time!

    I follow everywhere I think, GFC, email, twitter, facebook.

    auriansbooks at gmail dot com

  14. To time travel! Tigghhttt and yes, I follow via email and GFC: Meghan Stith
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  15. This contest is now closed!~

    Thank you to everyone who came by to enter and thanks to Kevin for chatting with us. :)

    The winner is Beautiful Disaster!

    I've sent you an email so please respond soon. Thanks again everyone and stay tuned for more. baaaaaa!