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Saturday, June 8, 2013

ConCarolinas 2013 Interview: Joe Naff

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I decided to try something new with my in person interviews. Interview Roulette! First I ask the basic questions about the person and their work. Then I pull out my bag of folded up yellow (questions) and pink (rapid fire) pieces of paper. The author reaches in and pulls out some of both colors and has to answer them! I thought it was fun, hopefully the victims authors did too <G>

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First up was author Joe Naff. I met Joe at ConCarolinas two years ago and have kept up with him and his books. 

Sharon: How many times have you attended ConCarolinas?
Joe: This is my second trip. I came two years ago.

Sharon: How does ConCarolina compare to other cons?
Joe: I really like this one because normally when I go any other con I am the only author there. So they usually just stick me with the artists.

Sharon: You mean like comic book cons?
Joe: yeah, I usually go to those. Like the little one day comic shows, they put me with the artists cause where else can they put me.

Sharon: How many books do you have out?
Joe: I have 5 total books, 3 are part of the same series. Most of them are high fantasy good for all ages. I do have one that is a supernatural thriller that is geared towards adults.

Sharon: That is Gospel of the Font, I have reviewed that one (here).

Sharon: Do you have a favorite book, the one that was the most fun to write?
Joe: I would say Gospel was because I poured a lot of my own personal beliefs into that one. I can’t really pin down what my religion is, but I can say open Gospel of the Font and read chapter 10, that is pretty much what I believe.

*My socially awkward dorkness kicked in and I wasn’t prepared to ask Joe questions so I rambled on about my printer… very sad, very sad*

Joe: *feeling sorry for my dorkness Joe asked himself a question* I do have a new book out called Eternal Forest. Came out in January of this year. It is a really fun fantasy, because normally with fantasy you think of Lord of the Rings type of thing with the castles and knights and a big epic sprawling things. But with Eternal Forest the whole world is actually one continuous forest. It is more of a primitive tribal feel. You’ve got all these different races : elves, fairies, dwarves, centaurs and humans. Instead of living in castles and kingdoms they live in huts and tribes.

Sharon: What age is Eternal Forest for?
Joe: good for all ages. Like Harry Potter, geared towards young adults but adults can enjoy it too.

Interview Roulette!

Q: What would you send in a capsul sent into space for aliens to discover?
Joe: I would send, a copy of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
*we have a laugh about this* either they will never come visit us or the ones that do come will be looking for a party!

Q: Zombie pets – good idea or bad?
Joe: I have to say bad idea because I am jaded from having a cat and I hate him.

Sharon: my husband had a dog and I hated him…
Joe: (laughing) I hate my cat. I hate him, I hate him, I hate him. I clean up after him enough. I can’t imagine cleaning up after a dead cat would be much better.

QTeam Satchel or Team Bucky?
Joe: which one’s the cat?
Sharon: Bucky
Joe: Team Bucky.

Q: Vulcan ears or elf ears?
Joe: Definitely elf. I was never a Trekkie.
Sharon: I have never watched any of the Star Trek except the ones with the original cast.
Joe: Star Trek doesn’t appeal to me because of the clean militaristic feel. Everything is polished. I like the wretched scum and villainy. Star Wars has that, Firefly has that. When I think sci-fi that is what I want to see. So I could never get into Star Trek.
Sharon: Have you seen the new ones? They are fantastic!
Joe: I’ve seen the first one, but not the second. I have a two year old and theaters are foreign to me now. 
*we started talking about how yummy the whole cast of Into the Darkness is. I used the term sexy beast. We then talked about movies and kids*

I would like to thank Joe Naff for taking time to talk with me. Check out my review of Gospel of the Font and I have read Eternal Forest and need to get off my ass and write up a review of that one. Lots of fighting action that kids will like!

About the Author:
Joseph Eakin Naff was born May 14, 1984 in Johnson City, Tennessee to George and Susan Naff. Since the age of eight he has called western North Carolina home until recently moving back to the Tri-cities. Joe grew up in Boone, North Carolina where he attended Appalachian State University. He graduated in the fall of 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts in English. After marrying his college sweetheart, Kim, Joe moved to Hickory, North Carolina before finally settling in Bristol, Tennessee. In October of 2010, Joe and Kim welcomed their first child, Damian Akira, into the world. Joe enjoys writing because he loves to bring stories to life. He loves using his imagination to share magical new worlds with readers.


  1. Great interview - running away to hide the neighborhood cats ;)

  2. He's never watched ST?! I would have hit the floor at that point. lol It's like him saying he's never seen the sun! ;)

    Fun interview Sharon, aside from his ST disability, he seems super nice and totally fun to chat with

  3. First I have sent the dog out to take the cat for a walk from both of you. At least till I finish reading and writing all this. I liked Star Wars and Firefly much better then Star Trek. Fantastic interview. Loved the questions. now I need to go find the books and read up. Thanks to all .