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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sheep Review: The Gospel of the Font by Faith Naff

by Faith Naff 
June 19, 2016
240 pages
Archaeologist Faith Meade has always held belief in science, not God. However, when her team journeys to a mysterious cavern in the Egyptian desert, she'll make a discovery that changes her entire life, and the fate of the world. The unearthing of a mysterious book, seemingly written by Lucifer, becomes the catalyst for Armageddon, as heaven and hell wage war to control its power. Faith also learns that Lucifer has chosen her for a very important task. She is to tempt mankind once again with the fruit of Eden as the Antichrist, a role that turns out to be far different from anything anyone has ever believed.

What an interesting read this was. When most people think of the Antichrist, they envision someone evil trying to tempt people into evil doings. But what if the Antichrist wasn’t an evil minion of Lucifer, but an intelligent young woman who has a strong sense of right and wrong? The author cleverly wove together a modern telling of the temptation of Eve with the apple of knowledge and the rise and fall of Jesus in the eyes of masses. While the story touches on the role of all religions in the history of man, it is ultimately about free will and making your own choice vs. letting someone else make them for you. I should definitely point out that this is not Christian literature and there is no romance. It is a supernatural thriller!

It is written in the first person POV of Faith Meade. She is a young archaeologist with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. She may be foul-mouthed and rough around the edges, but I liked her attitude. The author did a good job of showing her transformation from self-centered to self-sacrificing. I really liked the loyal and solid relationship between her and her best friend Tim. Unfortunately some of the secondary characters weren’t given enough depth for me to care about them too much. They were kind of there to perform a job in the story but didn't add much else.
There was tons of action and suspense (hello, Armageddon! And you won’t believe who is responsible!) that had me turning the pages as well as parts that made me think ‘what if…’ and smile at the insightful points being made. I don’t feel the writer has come into his full potential yet, but he is definitely on his way. There were some plot issues, but not enough to take away the enjoyment of the story. I think if the author had the editing resources available through a traditional publisher this book would have been a 5 sheep read.

All that being said, I was entertained and surprised by the subject and moral of the story.

3.5 “now you see it, now you don’t!” Sheep

About the Author:
Eternal Forest site
“People always ask me how I come up with my stories. I just tell them that it’s a matter of having A.D.D and putting it to good use.” — Faith Naff


  1. sounds like an interesting read! Great review :)

  2. I was looking at this title the other day and it caught my eye just in time for your awesome review. Thanks for sharing, your opinion counts :)