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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sheep Manga Review: 07 Ghost

Teito Klein is a former slave who now attends the Barsburg Empire's military academy due to his ability to use Zaiphon, a type of supernatural power. The ability is rare and thus highly prized.Teito is an amnesiac who frequently has frightening dreams. After a year at the academy, Teito prepares to take the notoriously difficult graduation exam. The night before the exam, Teito and his only friend, Mikage, swear they will never abandon each other if the other needs help. Both of them pass the exam. The next day, Teito hears people talking about him. Stopping to listen, he suddenly realizes that the speaker, Chief of Staff Ayanami, is the person who killed the familiar man in his dreams: his father, the king of the destroyed Raggs Kingdom. Teito is caught eavesdropping and tries to attack Ayanami but is quickly brought down by one of his subordinates and sent to prison. Mikage comes to help him escape, only to find that Teito has managed to fight past the guards by himself. The two flee the building but are cornered on a balcony. Teito pretends to hold Mikage hostage, threatening to kill him if the guards pursue him, thus making his escape, though he is wounded by a Zaiphon blast that Ayanami directs at him. Three bishops in the nearby 7th District discover the injured Teito and take him to a nearby church to recuperate. Because of the 7th District's law of sanctuary, as long as Teito stays in the church, the army cannot arrest him.In due time, it is discovered that Teito carries the Eye of Mikhail, a powerful talisman for which his home country, the Raggs Kingdom, was destroyed. This fact, as well as a fateful reunion, catapults Teito into a quest for revenge against the Barsburg Empire and for knowledge about his past. At the same time, his status as the bearer of the Eye of Michael throws him into the long-standing conflict between the evil Verloren and his enemies, the 07 Ghosts.

Ok, let me get my rant about this manga out of the way before I get to the review. Go Comi! had the rights to publish this manga in the US, sadly Go Comi! went out of business after releasing the first 4 volumes, while in Japan there are 11 volumes out. No other manga company in the US has picked up the rights to republish the manga, or to even start the anime (but that's a differnt post). So this is only going to be a review of the first 4 volumes. *rant done*
This manga takes place in Barsburg Empire, which is divided into seven districts, each with its own cities, rulers and culture. The setting is a military academy where the students learn to harness the power of Zaiphon.

Teito Kiein is the main character of this manga. Not much is known about him at first other than he started out as a combat slave since he was orphaned, later on being brought to the Barsburg Military Academy where he became a star pupil. Even though most of the students look down at him, Teito has one friend at the academy, Mikage, they make a promise to always protect each other. Sadly Mikage dies protecting Teito. This sends Teito into a depression and he vows revenge, even after Mikgae told him not to with his dying breath.
Teito leaves the academy and plans on going to the 7th District to study to become a priest, since the clergy has free reign to travel between the seven districts.

I absolutely enjoyed reading what I could of this manga, and I'm still waiting for the day when there is an announcement that someone picked up the rest of this series.

There is a strong presence of good versus evil (depending on your view of the military or the church). The amount of psychological drama that takes place in the story makes it captivating and easy to read. The images are very bold and dark, giving a feeling of innocence or intensity.

There are quite a few likable characters that show up in the later volumes of the manga. The first volume is pretty much meant to set up what is to come in the later volumes. I have re-read the few volumes that I have a number of times, and I have yet to be disappointed.

I'm giving this a rating of 4.5 sheep.


  1. Argh! Only the first four!? Why, oh why do we always get the short end here? *sigh*

    sounds good!

  2. I haven't read the books but I watch the episodes. I'm glad these ones are amazing too because I really like the eposodes. If I can I'll give them a try.

  3. I loved the anime series also, I'm still waiting for the second season to come out.

    1. Me too! Can't wait to know more, to bad it's really long.