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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Epic Kindle Giveaway Event!

Want to win a Kindle Fire?
 Authors Aiden James, Scott Nicholson, J. R. Rain,
 and H.T. Night 
are teaming up Jan. 11-13 to give away $1,000 in prizes, including four Kindle Fires, $200 in Amazon gift cards, and 45 free Kindle books.

There are four ways to enter during Jan. 11-13:
  • Share this blog link on social media according to blogger’s directions (directions at end of post along with a bonus prize)
  • Follow the authors on Facebook (J.R. Rain, H.T. NightAiden James, and Scott Nicholson) and look for "Click to share" posts
  • Go to their free books on Amazon, click "like" and then "share" each book on Twitter and Facebook, using the hashtags “free for #kindle” and “#epickindlegiveaway”

there are 34!
Scott Nicholson

Drummer Boy (supernatural thriller) Amazon US Amazon UK
The Red Church (supernatural thriller) Amazon US Amazon UK
As I Die Lying (psychological thriller) Amazon US Amazon UK
Creative Spirit (haunted house thriller) Amazon US Amazon UK
Disintegration (suspense thriller) Amazon US Amazon UK
Zombie Bits (zombie stories) Amazon US Amazon UK; Amazon US Amazon UK
Speed Dating with the Dead Amazon US Amazon UK
The Skull Ring Amazon US Amazon UK
Scott Nicholson Library, Vol. 4 Amazon US Amazon UK
October Girls (YA paranormal) Amazon US Amazon UK

H.T. Night

A Boy's Life (Young Adult) Amazon US Amazon UK
Boy Meets Girl (Young Adult) Amazon US Amazon UK
Everlasting Love (Poetry) Amazon US Amazon UK
Getting Yours (Romantic Comedy) Amazon US Amazon UK
Paranormal Love Stories (Vampire/Werewolf Love Story) Amazon US Amazon UK
The Werewolf Whisperer (Vampire Romance) Amazon US Amazon UK
Vampire Love Story (Vampire Romance) Amazon US Amazon UK
Winning Sarah’s Heart: Back to School (YA Romance) Amazon US Amazon UK
Winning Sarah’s Heart: Boys Being boys (YA Romance) Amazon US Amazon UK
Vampires and Werewolves Beginnings (Vampire Romance) Amazon US

J.R. Rain

BAD BLOOD - A Vampire Thriller Amazon US Amazon UK
BLACK RAIN: 15 Short Stories Amazon US Amazon UK
ELVIS HAS NOT LEFT THE BUILDING - A murder mystery Amazon US Amazon UK
JUDAS SILVER - An adventure screenplay Amazon US Amazon UK
LOST EDEN - An adventure screenplay Amazon US Amazon UK
THE BODY DEPARTED - A ghost story Amazon US Amazon UK
THE VAMPIRE CLUB - supernatural fantasy comedy Amazon US Amazon UK
THE VAMPIRE WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO -mystery novella Amazon US Amazon UK
Aiden James

Aiden James Vampires (Vampire adventure) Amazon US Amazon UK
Cursed Immortals (Supernatural Thriller/Vampires) Amazon US Amazon UK
The Raven Mocker (Horror/Mystery) Amazon US Amazon UK
Deadly Night (Murder mystery/Supernatural) Amazon US Amazon UK
The Forgotten Eden (Supernatural Thriller) Amazon US Amazon UK
Twice Bitten (Vampire adventure) Amazon US Amazon UK

**If one of the four authors hits #1 on the Kindle Free list, they will give away another Kindle Fire. If at any time during the event, the four authors hold all the Top 10 slots on the Kindle Free list, they will give away a sixth kindle. The bonus Kindle winners will be selected using the #epickindlegiveaway hashtags on Facebook and Twitter.

The Facebook and Twitter hashtags must accompany a link to one of the free books, a participating book blog, or the contest home page at or it won’t count as a valid entry. Thanks, good luck, and enjoy the free books!

One winner of a kindle fire will be picked from the blog entries (list of participating blogs here). 
To enter at I Smell Sheep:
1. share this post on twitter or FB you can even email your mother! including the hashtag:  #epickindlegiveaway (you will have to copy and paste our link into your FB page)
2. leave a comment here with the link and you are entered! don't forget there are more ways to enter listed above.

Bonus Give Away!
I will pick one winner from all our comments to receive winner's choice from our Sheep Swag Store (t-shirt, mouse pad or coffee mug!)


  1. I love reading the above authors books :) So I shared

  2. I have been sharing EVERYWHERE! LOL I love these guys!

  3. What an amazing giveaway from 4 generous authors (all of whom are well worth reading) and many generous bloggers!

  4. Love your books. Thank you so very much.


    Lisa great event

  6. I love you guys I hope I win. I would love a FIRE.

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  8. I'm being blocked from sharing this blog by FB. It is telling me that it is spammy. Any suggestions?

  9. I shared it - only way I could was to share it from someone else that was able to, but its shared on my facebook.

  10. Kindle Fire!!/judy.stewart1

  11. I shared and now want to check out some of these free Kindles. I love books. I love Kindle. I love your site!!!

    Thanks! =)

  13. This is exciting -

  14. I've posted several things on Facebook about the contest, as well as Tweeting. Here is the link to my Facebook wall that has all I shared.

    Thanks to the authors who are so generously offering the free books and sponsoring the contest. You rock!

  15. I sent a message to FB to find out why we are getting blocked...just post our home link and you will be entered!

    everyone here will have their names sent to Scott for the kindle fire drawing. and everyone is eligible for the Sheep Swag!

  16. link:

  17. Thanks for sharing our contest and free books, Sheep, and good luck, everyone!


  18. I've been sharing everywhere today, but when I tried to share your link FB blocked me. They said it's spammy! Booooo FB!!!! I left comment of your page about it. DeAnna Schultz

  19. I shared the site because the post is being blocked by FB!/Chitownchicas/posts/250360238369936

  20. Share share share is how this world should work, but for now I have shared several links today, I've been a sharing fool...

  21. Sharing...loving the free books! Thanks guys! :)

  22. I shared the post on facebook :)
    Awesome, awesome giveaway!!
    Ashley A

  23. Here's my link :)


  24. Well my friends I tried to share the news, but it keeps bringing up a message that this is being blocked as spam. I guess the masses have been busy :)


  25. yeah.. i'm getting the same blocked message..

    shared the link on my facebook :)

  26. I'm getting a blocked message from facebook as well telling me that it has been reported as unsafe or spammy. I have been sharing posts on facebook and tweeting and posting to my blog. Facebook Shawnee Robinson-Poling, Twitter @sjpoling73 and blog


    I can't post to FB, but I love the blog! Thanks for introducing me to some great new authors!

    ~ Bekah M

  28. I'm still getting the FB you are "spammy" message, but will try and post your blog to my wall!

  29. Good luck to me....

  30. Count me in! #epickindlegiveaway

  31. #epickindlegiveaway

  32. #epickindlegiveaway

  33. I think this worked: wanda72(at)aol(dot)com

  34. Thanks for helping with this contest! What a great bunch of authors :)

    Tweeted here:!/caitinc/status/157599908650688512

  35. I shared on FB:!/profile.php?id=100002306846742

    barbbattaglia at yahoo dot com

  36. WOW! thank you authors!/profile.php?id=1366571476

  37. I tweeted about the Epic Kindle Giveaway at!/mammydolphin/status/157684629481062400
    I posted it on facebook at
    I also sent emails for #epickindlegiveaway

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  40. i know this won;t be true after I hit post but right now there are 41 books and 41 comments... that just struck me as kind of cool...

    I tweeted it which posted it to FB, too ;)

    twitter -!/joleene_naylor/status/157707513716936704
    FB -

    (no idea how to get a link to the direct post :/ )

  41. Shared on Facebook! What a great contest

  42. Thank you for the chance! I'd love a Kindle - and to read your books.!/profile.php?id=516593099

  43. Great Contest! I'd love a Kindle... and can't wait to read all your great free books.!/Sammeantha


  45. I shared it! Go Kindle!


    I Want A Kindle Fire!

  47. I would love a free kindle.

  48. I am talking to those sheep we all smell, and they want me to be picked to win free sheep swag. They also wanted me to tell you all that they need sleep too so please stop summoning them from their slumber so you can count them in order to fall asleep and tom count kittehs, they sleep too much to begin with!

  49. the contest is closed!!! Thanks for everyone that came by to play with us :) I will be picking the winner later today and contacting them by email! Baaaaa!

  50. The winner of the Sheep Store Swag is Bekah McIntyre! yay!!! I have sent you an email. The announcement of the kindle fire winners will be done on Tuesday over at the Epic Giveaway website.