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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sheep comic review: Anne Rice’s Servant of the Bones Issue #1

Anne Rice, among the most iconic creators in horror, brings one of her richest stories to IDW in this six-part tale of murder, demonic revenge, and the redemptive power of faith. When a beautiful young woman is brutally slain in the streets of New York City, the demon Azriel sets out to discover who killed her, only to find a far more sinister plot that could end the world. Once a human in ancient Babylon, Azriel is a spirit of rage and terror that gradually rediscovers his humanity through holy vengeance and spiritual love. Ornately illustrated by the New York Times Best-selling team of Renae DeLiz and Ray Dillon.

This was the second comic I bought for the reason “there is an extremely hot guy in it”, plus I am a big fan of Rice’s vampire chronicles. The comic is based on Rice’s novel Servant, which I haven’t read.

The artwork of this comic is excellent and focuses on the characters, specifically their eyes. The backgrounds are minimal and understated which helps emphasize the characters as a focus, and the dark colors help create the hopeless atmosphere of the main character Azriel (aka. The hot guy on the cover).
I must admit I have no idea what this story is about based on what I read in the first issue. All I know is Azriel was the Servant of the Bones, but unfortunately it never explained what this was. He then became a rebel ghost, again we aren’t told why, and all he wants to do is die. but heaven won’t let him. He is also somehow connected to the death of a young innocent girl named Esther Belkin, again pretty fuzzy on the details. We do see Azriel heal a dying professor so he can use the professor as a scribe for his story and the comic ends with Azriel telling about his beginnings.

This is a very visually appealing comic and Azriel is a beautiful tortured hero. Unfortunately the story was confusing and there was no clear direction of where it is going. I had no reason to anticipate the next issue, except to see more of Azriel and I think I might just read the book Servant just to figure out what's going on. This might be one of those graphic novel adaptations that appeals to the fans of the book since they know what the heck is going on.

I will give this comic two ratings:

Artwork: 4 sheep

Story: 2 “what?” Sheep


  1. might take a while to get going - love the artwork!!! I haven't read the book either, so alas i have no clue what is going on - but I have to agree with Katie at the moment - gazing and drooling is temporarily enough ;)

    1. Yeah, I figured if the story sucked, so what! he looks goooood ;)

  2. I have read the book and it's GREAT so I'm going to have to get this comic :)

  3. I read the book a long time ago and I remember it being good.

  4. I plan on reading the book too. He is just so sexy ;) and I probably will buy the next issue just for the eye candy. I plan on going back to the comic book store to find some more sexy covers and see if I luck up and find another good one.