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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Comic Review: Ehmm Theory Vol 2 issue #1

Writer: Brockton McKinney
Artist Name: Larkin Ford
Cover Artist: Larkin Ford (reg), Jerry Gaylord (var)
Action Lab: Danger Zone
FC/ 32 pgs./ Mature Readers 
$3.99 (reg.) $4.99 (var.)
Action Lab's underground hit series returns! Time-jumping assassin monkeys, an evil military

super-force, and paranormal ex-lovers plague Gabriel Ehmm and his blood-bound talking feline Mr.

Whispers in this eye-smashing, brain-messer of a sequel entitled ;Everything and Small Doses. Features

a variant cover by Jerry Gaylord, limited to 1,500 copies!

Holy flying kitty bombs! Gabe and his gang are back in volume 2 of Ehmm Theory. I love this comic series. We get more answers about Gabe’s mom, Veronica (the wolf girl) is being held captive, and we meet Badass Gabe and his partner Dr. (Muddaf**k) Whiskers who are ‘brain jumpers. There is a new threat, a monkey assassin named Mr. Everything. Just wish he would cover up his moose knuckle! (Am I allowed to say that on the blog?). Good times people, good times.

Ehmm Theory is full of action, foul language, violence and snarky dialogue. The guys responsible for this awesome, Brockton and Larkin, are local artists and I run into them at conventions around the area. They are just as much fun as their characters…but less violent. My last conversation with them was about “baby skeleton legs”…yeah, wondering when that will show up <G>.

reviews: Ehmm Theory Vol 1 (#1-4)

5 “lollipop eating” Sheep

Sharon Stogner


  1. I don't read comics, but your reviews are always entertaining to read. I mean, with words like 'flying kitty bombs' and 'baby skeleton legs' how can they not be?

    1. lol, thanks. I love the crazy comics because the artists/writers are usually bat shit crazy too :)