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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Release Day: Proxima by Stephen Baxter + giveaway


Proxima (Proxima #1)
by Stephen Baxter
Hardcover, 480 pages
November 4th 2014
by Roc Hardcover
Lauded as “the natural heir to the hard-sci-fi crown of Arthur C. Clarke" (The Daily Telegraph, UK), Stephen Baxter delivers an unforgettable novel of an extraordinary world—and its untamed landscape....

Mankind’s future in this galaxy could be all but infinite....

There are hundreds of billions of red dwarf stars, lasting trillions of years—and their planets can be habitable for humans. Such is the world of Proxima Centauri. And its promise could mean the never-ending existence of humanity.

But first it must be colonized, and no one wants to be a settler. There is no glamor that accompanies it, like being the first man on the moon, nor is there the ease of becoming a citizen of an already-tamed world. There is only hardship...loneliness...emptiness.

But that’s where Yuri comes in. Because sometimes exploration isn’t voluntary. It must be coerced.

About the Author:
I was born in Liverpool, England, in 1957. I now live in Northumberland. Since 1987 I have published somewhere over forty books, mostly science fiction novels, and over a hundred short stories.

I have degrees in mathematics, from Cambridge University, engineering, from Southampton University, and in business administration, from Henley Management College. I worked as a teacher of maths and physics, and for several years in information technology. I am a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society.

I applied to become a cosmonaut in 1991 - aiming for the guest slot on Mir eventually taken by Helen Sharman - but fell at an early hurdle.

My first professionally published short story appeared in 1987, and my first novel in 1991. I have been a full-time author since 1995. I am President of the British Science Fiction Association, and a Vice-President of the HG Wells Society.

My science fiction novels have been published in the UK, the US, and in many other countries including Germany, Japan, France. My books have won several awards including the Philip K Dick Award, the John W Campbell Memorial Award, the British Science Fiction Association Award, the Kurd Lasswitz Award (Germany) and the Seiun Award (Japan) and have been nominated for several others, including the Arthur C Clarke Award, the Hugo Award and Locus awards. I have published over 100 sf short stories, several of which have won prizes.

My novel Voyage was dramatised by Audio Movies for BBC Radio and broadcast in 1999.

My TV and movie work includes development work on the BBC's Invasion: Earth, broadcast in April-May 1998, and the script for Episode 3 of Space Island One, broadcast on Sky One on 21 January 1998.

My non-fiction includes the books Deep Future and Omegatropic.

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