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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Double Sheep Review: Outlander (TV Series)

What is Outlander? 

Follows the story of Claire Randall, a married combat nurse from 1945 who is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743, where she is immediately thrown into an unknown world where her life is threatened. When she is forced to marry Jamie Fraser, a chivalrous and romantic young Scottish warrior, a passionate relationship is ignited that tears Claire's heart between two vastly different men in two irreconcilable lives. Based on the novel by author Diana Gabaldon. 

The first 8 episodes (mid-season break) 

Katie's take on the Show 

Honestly, I've not read the book series to this story. So Donna will have more insight and comparison then I would. However, I have been invested in the TV series thus far and have lots to say about that! 

First and foremost, this series is visually stunning! The camera usage and natural scenes are out of this realm. The background that is Scotland becomes a character in the show, there is just no other way to describe it. The world would not be what it is if you let's say...taped this in Hollywood on a closed set. It just could not live and breathe in that type of restricted environment. 

The musical score adds all the heartfelt drama you could expect. It's touching and intense at the same time. The fine line between too much and just right is walked and it's always refreshing to know that you don't need to make something that shouts in your face. 

Costumes are clever and accurate, not like I'm an expert or anything but they look like what you would expect to see in either of the time worlds they jump back and forth too. I want to get my hands on some of those dresses!

How many TV shows are out there with old school Scotts, time travel and romance? I can't think of one. (Does Dr. Who count?) And who cares, they are not Outlander! 

My one BIG issue with this story is our leading lady Claire. From the start, she's getting into some trouble. Men are attacking her left and right. I don't know how many times you can accost or rape a gal before she just jumps off a damn cliff! Was the book like this? I don't know, ask Donna! 

Let me tell you though, it's getting tiring watching her being beaten down by almost all the men in her life. Suck much? Yeah, sure does! 

Aside from that, hats and kilts off to all the actors. The good guys, the bad guys and all the misfits in the middle. This show has loads of depth and character dialog. Talk about not rushing, at times you almost want them to hurry the hell up! But that's due to a "want it now culture". It's nice to take it slow, ride the pony until we can handle the racehorse. 

I love this show and I can't wait for it to pick back up! 


Donna’s Take on the Show

As a fan of Ron Moore, ever since watching Battlestar Gallactica, and reading Diana Gabaldon, I was quite excited when I heard Outlander was being made into a series. When I found out it would air on Starz, I was overjoyed. Knowing from past viewing experience with Starz shows, they don’t normally hold back. I wasn’t disappointed this time either.

So far, it has surpassed my expectations. As Katie already mentioned, the visuals are insanely beautiful and also credible. Everything about the series seems well thought out, down to the simplest little details. If you like period pieces, you can’t help but be drawn in by the history.

Now, as we all know, books don’t always make the translation to screen very well. If possible, in this instance, I find myself liking the show better than I did the book. As anyone who’s read Outlander knows, it’s a lengthy tome. So far the series has managed to take the best of the book and bring it to life in a way that feels authentic to the story and highlights its strongest points. 

There are additions in the series that never took place in the book, which really developed some of the secondary characters. When the Highlanders defend Claire’s honor, I was like wow. That was such an intriguing scene and felt like it completely belonged but never existed. The parts of the book that were cut, at least for me, didn’t lessen the story at all. 

If I were to get super picky and try and find flaws, I think the only complaint I have is the constant close call with rape. It’s starting to get a bit tiresome for me. Somehow in the book, it didn’t seem as often as it does on the big screen, high-definition TV. I just can’t figure out why it’s bothering me so much now, lol. 

Even with that one tiny complaint that I feel guilty about even writing since I’m a huge fan, this is five star viewing all the way. If you like period pieces, romance, political intrigue or action, basically, if you have any interests at all, I would suggest you give this show a try. It’s quickly become one of my all time favorites. 

Donna Augustine
Urban Fantasy Author 


  1. I heard a lot about this series back when I wrote romance. It certainly has a very loyal following.

  2. I've heard about it but haven't watched it.

  3. I am loving the show. There is a lot of attention paid to rape. Nd more in the next books in the series. Violence is present a lot in the stories. I have been verra, verra happy with the series. And yes, Claire does fend off attack. It is a way, I think of presenting. in a way modern women can understand, just how vulnerable a woman was. Rape is standing in for a lot of the things we accept; a woman who was raped was ruined. It was her fault. While we still have that today it is also seen as ridiculous. But a woman on her own was very much alone and absent of male protection, very vulnerable and not just from sexual violence - women were also vulnerable financially, legally, and socially.

  4. I read this a very long time ago and it's an old fave so I had my reservation about watching the series as I was afraid it will spoil the book for me. Plus I had my own ideas of what Claire & Jamie would look like though now that I've watched the series (and enjoyed it!); I don't mind Jamie as much though Claire, I'm still not convinced. What I really liked in the series is the flashback to 'present times' with Frank... I don't remember these bits in the book (?) But yes, stunning views! I think there were as many 'rape' incidents in the book but it just didn't feel that many because they happened quite a bit apart seeing the thickness of the tome.

  5. The show is fabulous and really sticks to the book. The few extra bits they put in only enhances the greatness. The attempted rapes were in the books but DG writes so much in between the incidents that it when the book is compressed into such a short amount of time the incidents seem to happen more frequently. The TV series will be 16 hours whereas the unabridged audiobook is 33 hours.

  6. This sounds right up my alley…and I've meant to check it out..then remember it's on Starz..which I do not receive…will need to find another way to watch it…love the feedback about the "look" of the series…this is something that truly grabs me…thx to you both!