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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Rulers of Darkness Box Set (Books 1, 2, &3) by Amanda J. Greene only $.99 limited time

is now available for special price of $0.99
– Limited time only.
Read excerpts from each of the 3 novels. 

Read 3 sizzling, dark, paranormal romance novels and fall in love with the Rulers of Darkness.

Passion can be lethal...

Caressed by Moonlight (Book #1)
Dorian Vlakhos is no ordinary aristocrat. He is a vampire king, who will do anything to save his clan from complete annihilation, before an ancient curse can claim his immortal life.
Penniless and orphaned, Victoria Kingston has nothing to bring to a marriage, yet she must shackle an unsuspecting gentleman into marriage by the end of the month or forfeit her rights as guardian of her younger sister. With the help of her dearest friend, Victoria begins her hunt, and vows to stay far away from the dark, mysterious, Dorian Vlakhos.
After meeting the beautifully innocent Miss Kingston, Dorian had to have her. He would do absolutely anything to make Victoria his. One sweet stolen kiss would bring them together while a force, more powerful than any vampire, would bind them for all eternity, but treachery, war, and death rule Dorian's dark world and Victoria would be fortunate to survive.

Caressed by Moonlight Excerpt

“Dorian?” her voice was filled with concern and laced with fear as his hand caught her wrist. His fingers held her immobile as he bent his head down and took in the clean scent of her hair. He placed a kiss on the top of her head and reached out with his mind seizing hers. He whispered soothing words to calm her fears.

Victoria was captured in a net of dizzying pleasure. His mind dominated hers, filling it with a misty fantasy that stole her breath away. He snatched her roughly to him, pressing their hips together tightly, one arm wrapped about her waist as the other moved to cup the back of her neck. His lips hovered over the tempting pulse of her throat. She ran her fingers through his hair, tugging lightly, bringing him closer.

Falcon slammed his fist against the wall of the cabin, the sound snapping Dorian back into reality. He cursed and shoved himself away from his tempting wife. She stumbled back from the force of his movements and the release of her mind. She shook her head, trying to clear it.

“Leave.” His words were low and harsh.

Her eyes shot to Dorian, standing in the far corner of the cabin, his arms wrapped around his middle. He grimaced as pain drilled into his skull. He looked helpless and vulnerable. She took a step toward him and his eyes jumped with evil excitement.

“Leave, Victoria.”


The hurt and confusion in her voice was clear, it pierced his heart. She did not understand what had caused such a drastic change in him. He had been romantic and seductive one minute and cold and angry the next.

He knew she shouldn’t be in the room. It was dangerous for her; he could not restrain his hunger. He could easily kill her. But he needed her. He needed her caring, warm touch and her smooth voice. The beat of her heart pounded in his ears.

“You shouldn’t be in here.”

“You are ill,” she said, ignoring his words.

She was coming towards him now. He turned his back as she reached for his arm.

“Dorian?” She was standing behind him now; he was aware of her every move, her every breath, her every thought, and every beat of her heart. She wanted to ease his pain and was willing to do anything to help her husband. Victoria ran her hand up his back and Dorian hissed. Her touch was the perfect blend of ecstasy and excruciating pain.

“Please, you need to go,” he said between clenched teeth.

“Why?” She began to massage his shoulders.

“You aren’t safe—I can't control myself.” He cursed as her breath brushed the nape of his neck. His eyes grew black, his fangs burning to pierce her skin. He pulled away needing the distance.

Victoria blinked with a start as he vanished and appeared in his chair before the window. How could he possibly move that fast?

“Get out.”

“But I want to help.”

“Get out!” he bellowed.

Victoria stood motionless and puzzled. She opened her mouth to speak again but he now stood in front of her and grabbed her shoulders, his fangs flashing. Her eyes were a peculiar blend of fear, confusion, pain, and love. He’d never seen anything like those emerald green orbs. He turned and dragged her to the door, flung it open, and shoved her into Falcon's waiting arms. He slammed the door shut, the sound of the bolt sliding home cut through her like an executioner's axe.

Caressed by Night (Book #2)
Dimitri Arsov, the last remaining pure vampire, was thought to be dead for the past four hundred years. Now, he is back and has a score to settle with the traitor that had tried to kill him centuries ago. But as he waits for his prey to blindly step into his carefully laid trap, his overwhelming hunger for blood is triggered when he saves a beautiful art historian.
Kerstyn Ingmar's life was normal and straight up boring until the night she is rescued by the dangerously sexy, powerfully mesmerizing, Dimitri. Unable to resist his diamond blue eyes and intense kisses, she is drawn into his world of darkness and closer to her impending doom.
While their desire consumes them, Dimitri is haunted by images of a bloody and deadly future. As his enemies draw near, he must find a way to save his mate from her destiny before fate destroys them both.

Caressed by Night Excerpt

In a flash of movement, he twisted Kerstyn around and shoved her hard against the cold brick wall of a bar, shielding her with his body. Gunshots vibrated the night and drowned out Kerstyn’s screams as Dimitri’s body absorbed the bullets.

“Oh my God…Oh my God…” she chanted the phrase again and again even after the car peeled out of the alley.

Dimitri stepped forward, freeing her. She grabbed his arm and spun him around to face her. Her eyes were large circles as they met his chest. Blood welled out of the holes in his clothing.

“We have to get you to a hospital.”

“I will be fine.”

“Yeah, the fuck right. You don’t need to be a tough guy,” she snapped as she ripped open her purse, her fingers desperately searching for her cell phone.

“You do not need to call an ambulance, I assure you.”

Kerstyn cursed and threw her purse to the ground. She had left her cell at the house.

“We need to try to stop the bleeding.”

Before he knew what she was doing, he was shoved against the wall. She frantically worked the buttons of his jacket.

“Leave it.”

In her frustration and panic, Kerstyn tore open his shirt, buttons flying everywhere, and Dimitri cursed. Those damned humans had changed everything. A wave of scenes washed through his mind as the future began to rewrite itself, but the ending, Kerstyn’s ending, remained the same. He willed his eyes to focus on her, taking in deep, rapid breaths, his lungs filling with her rosy scent and…

His hand shot out and Kerstyn jumped back. Fear. He could smell it. Taste it.

Kerstyn could not take her eyes off his bare, bloody torso. His muscles contracted, contorted, and pushed one bullet out. Then another. And another. Five bullets in total clattered to the pavement. Her face paled, her eyes glazed over, her mouth hung open, and her breathing stopped. She was in shock.


She did not answer.

He grabbed her shoulders and lowered his head until their eyes met. “Kerstyn,” he repeated. Still she stood unblinking and not breathing. “Kerstyn!” He shook her until her head began to bob.

A steady stream of curses fell from his lips. The humans had been driving down the street possessed by the haze in their heads. A spur of the moment decision had altered everything.

Dimitri’s muscles eased slightly when he heard her suck in a sharp breath. Releasing her, she stumbled, but he did not reach out to steady her. His fingers drew into fists at his sides. Instinct told him not to touch her; she needed space.

Her eyes fell to the bullets that decorated the ground. Then, ever so slowly, her gaze began to travel up his body, beginning at his leather shoes, up his long, pinstripe-covered legs, pausing at his chest, and finally settling on his face. Dimitri didn’t move. His lungs failed to expand and his heart stilled. He tried to look into her thoughts, but they were as blank as his. Panic sparked at the base of his spine. For the first time in centuries, he did not know what was coming next.

“You’ve healed,” she whispered. Her voice was rough and her throat ached from her screams. “Your wounds are gone. That…that is impossible.”

“Not for me,” he grated.

Her eyes narrowed. “What are you?”

He dropped his head. Why now? Why did it have to happen this way? He cursed, damning Fate for the tricks she played. He had not wanted it to happen this way. He wanted them to take their time, to get to know one another before he shared his secret with her. Now he was cornered. He had to tell her or―no. He would not erase her memory; he could not disrespect her that way. He would not take the coward’s way out. He had to tell her.

His heart clenched. What if she rejected him? What if she hated him? What if he repulsed her? She was his mate, but that was no guarantee that she would understand, that she would stay with him, or that she would love him.

“What are you?” she demanded again, her voice shaking.

Her thoughts screamed at him. Vampire. Vampire. Vampire! He forced his gift aside, shoving it back into the darkness of his mind.

“I think you already know,” he said before pulling his shirt closed. 

Caressed by a Crimson Moon (Book #3)
Consumed by madness and tormented by dark memories of blood and death, Hadrian Lucretius, King of the Validus Clan, has returned after living in self-imposed exile for nearly three hundred and fifty years.

To maintain peace with the vampires, Eva Maldonado is offered as a sacrifice to the crazed vampire king by her father, the alpha of the Silveria Shifter Pack. Hadrian's reputation is both legendary and lethal; he is ruthless, bloodthirsty, lusty, and soulless. When Eva arrives at the ancient fortress high in the Carpathian Mountains, she is shocked to find a ravaged man with dark burning eyes filled with loneliness and dangerous desire.

Would she be his lover...or his prey? His savior...or his victim? Would Hadrian lure her into madness or would their perilous passion be their redemption?

Caressed by a Crimson Moon Excerpt

Hadrian materialized in the kitchen, the small action draining the remaining energy from his exhausted body. He staggered, almost blind, his hands outstretched, his bare feet slapping the cold tile. He could scent the blood within the refrigerator. His stomach rolled with disgust even as thirst scorched his throat.

He lurched forward, his clawed fingers splayed across the surface of the hidden refrigerator its fa├žade blending seamlessly with the line of pristine, white cabinets. Throwing open the door, he snatched a bag of blood. His fangs ripped into the plastic, freeing the crimson liquid. At once the rush hit him, seeping into his starved cells. Images of Eva assailed him, sweeping him away. Her cries of ecstasy still rang in his ears, the heat of her body still clung to him and the intoxicating scent of her arousal drowned his senses.

Hadrian tore into a second bag. Eva, he could still see her beneath him. Her face flushed with pleasure, her eyes sparkling with desire for him, only him. Her lips parted as she gasped for precious air, her climax claiming her. She had thrown her head back in sweet abandon as her body convulsed around him, drawing on him, milking him. 

He groaned low in his throat as he reached for another bag allowing the second to join the first, empty on the floor.

The demon howled for Eva. Enraged. Craving. Her. Only her. Only Eva.

The chilled blood settled like a rock in his stomach as the tangy flavor of plastic filled his mouth.

One taste, the vampire pleaded, just one taste of heaven, of Eva.

Hadrian growled, forcing himself to swallow the repugnant blood.

The demon railed even as his hunger ebbed. Hadrian raised a shaking hand to grab another sack of blood. More, he needed more. He needed Eva. He needed her soft touch, the soothing sound of her voice, the warmth of her soul.

When he released the last drained bag, he stumbled back. His legs buckled, but he caught himself, clutching the edge of the marble countertop.

His teeth gnashed together as his chest pumped, frantically drawing in unnecessary breaths as he waited for the crazed hunger to wane. His muscles began to relax and his fangs slowly retreated. He could feel every cell in his body swell with life as the nourishing blood flowed through his system.

He cursed himself for being a selfish idiot. He should have known better. He had told himself he would feed regularly, a lie. He had intended to keep his bloodlust at bay while Eva resided within the fortress, but a part of him still refused to drink. He no longer enjoyed the act of feeding; he only took sustenance when it was vital he do so. He loathed the contact required to take directly from the source, from humans. It was too intimate. He found sinking his fangs into a bag of blood just as revolting. But deprivation only bred destruction.

Power coursed through him like lightning as he grew stronger. The demanding storm of hunger faded as a hurricane of overwhelming, unidentifiable emotions tore through him. His body pulsed, his heart thundered, and his soul…he could feel his soul. For the first time in centuries, he could feel the flutter of life within his chest, warming his heart. The broken pieces of his soul blazed, the heat so intense as they began to weld together.

Eva. She had somehow triggered this change within him.

What did it mean?

For hundreds of years he had existed void of all real emotion, knowing his soul was damaged. He had known no love, no true joy, only anger, sorrow and guilt, the demon’s favorites. But Eva made him feel everything in a flood. Even hope, a sensation he believed he would never know again. And rightly so, he did not deserve love or happiness, especially not hope.

His heart ached and swelled as his soul burgeoned with life and a strange, euphoric sense of contentment settled over him.

Gods, what was happening?

The lights suddenly flipped on, sending him reeling back. He buried his claws in the smooth, polished surface of the counter. His vision blurred as bright colors burst all around him. Hissing, he raised a hand to shield his sensitive eyes.

“Hadrian?” Falcon called from the doorway.

Hadrian muttered a curse when the knight rushed forward.  He knew he looked like hell: naked, his face smeared with blood. 

“My Latin is rusty, but I’m not a snake born of a whoring bitch,” Falcon said with a light laugh. “You look terrible.”

Prying back one finger at a time, Hadrian removed his hand. He blinked trying to clear his vision.

“This is the last place I thought I would find you, especially in this condition.”

Hadrian scowled.

“Here.” Falcon unzipped the duffle bag he carried and tossed Hadrian a pair of loose workout shorts.

Hadrian caught the clothing on reflex alone, his vision still blurred. His claws retreated and he leaned his weight against the cabinets behind him, his legs still weak.

Falcon glanced about. “Is Eva with you?”


He ignored the knight’s frown and stepped into the shorts.

“Where is she?” Falcon demanded, his tone harsh, all humor gone.

Against his will, Hadrian’s senses sought Eva. He found her easily.

“I believe she is heading towards her room,” he answered as nonchalantly as possible, even though he longed to flash to her. Was she going to shower? He longed to join her. Or was she going to change and search for him. He felt a twinge of heat rise in his cheeks. He had ruined her clothes.

“What happened?”

Hadrian growled, the demon not liking Falcon’s accusatory tone.

“That does not concern you.”

“You slept with her?”

Hadrian said nothing as his fingers skimmed over the counter, searching for a towel. When he found one, he wiped the blood from his mouth.

“For god’s sake, Hadrian, she is mortal.”

“The girl is unharmed, if that is what worries you.” Folding the now ruined cloth, Hadrian straightened, his now sound and strong body. “I’m not a total beast.” His words, spoken in defense, suddenly struck him as truth. He had managed to be gentle, to hold himself back, to deny his very nature for Eva, for her pleasure. He had not ravished her, though he could not deny he still wanted to devour the sweet half-breed.

Falcon rubbed his nape. “I didn’t say that you were. It’s just, well, I’ve known you for so long. You aren’t exactly known for…I mean,” he sighed, “shit.”

Hadrian held up a hand, stopping his friend. He knew what Falcon was trying to say, he was not known for being a tender lover. “People can change.”

Falcon’s eyes narrowed. “Yes, people can change.”

Hadrian shrugged off Falcon’s implication and pushed the secret, blood stocked, refrigerator closed, the door seamlessly blending in with the cabinets.

He swooped down to collect the empty bags of blood. Popping open the lid of the trashcan, he tossed them inside, concealing the evidence of his frenzied feeding.

His senses strayed again, finding Eva still in her room.


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