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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Double Sheep Movie Review: The Legend of Tarzan (2016)

The Legend of Tarzan (2016)
Jul 1, 2016 wide
Rating: PG13 (for sequences of action and violence, some sensuality and brief rude dialogue)
Genre: Action & Adventure
Directed By: David Yates (II)
Written By: Adam Cozad , Craig Brewer
Runtime: 109 minutes
Lionsgate Pictures - Official Site
It has been years since the man once known as Tarzan (Alexander SkarsgÄrd) left the jungles of Africa behind for a gentrified life as John Clayton III, Lord Greystoke, with his beloved wife, Jane (Margot Robbie) at his side. Now, he has been invited back to the Congo to serve as a trade emissary of Parliament, unaware that he is a pawn in a deadly convergence of greed and revenge, masterminded by the Belgian, Captain Leon Rom (Christoph Waltz). But those behind the murderous plot have no idea what they are about to unleash.

Katie's thoughts: 
Getting 3 sheep
I wouldn't say I had High Hopes going into the movie, and maybe that helped. Tarzan does an okay job of retelling a classic story for a new audience.

Was this the best CGI I've ever seen? No. Was this the best Tarzan movie I've ever seen? No. But it was good enough. However, what may have been lacking in the story is sure made up by a shirtless toned ripped cut Alex. Yummy!

My major complaint would have to be a lack of romantic build up between our Jane and Tarzan. A little more time spent on their relationship could have done a lot in my book.

Overall the movie was entertaining enough that you won't feel like you wasted your money but you will leave wishing there was a bit more meat on the bone.

Jeni Darling's review
Getting 3 sheep
I quite enjoyed the movie, however there were parts that I would have liked a little more explanation to. For instance, how did he learn to talk to the animals and communicate with them? Also how did he put his animal beginnings aside and learn English and how to properly communicate with other humans. Plus fitting in amongst other British properly in their Rich Society.

They did a lot of glazing over Topix. However, I did enjoy the shirtless Alexander and I did enjoy the interaction with the animals. I wish there'd been more interaction with the animals. However it was a decent way to spend the afternoon with good friends.


  1. Love, love, LOVE double reviews of movies! Thanks for this one. I've been really excited about this movie since I first heard about it (Tarzan fan since I was a kid), and welcomed a chance to see another interpretation. Not expecting a lot, just some great jungle savagery and a half-naked man... Add a little popcorn and what's not to love?

    1. Dani that's exactly it!!!!