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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Comic Review: LADY KILLER 2 #1 from Dark Horse Comics

Writer: Joelle Jones 
Artist: Joelle Jones 
Colorist: Michelle Madsen 
Cover Artist: Joelle Jones
Dark Horse Comics
Genre: Action/Adventure
August 03, 2016 
Format: FC, 32 pages; Miniseries 
Price: $3.99 
UPC: 7 61568 00045 0 00111
Joelle Jones multi Eisner award nominated series continues!

The killer housewife is back! The Schuller family has moved to Cocoa Beach, Florida, where life carries on as usual. Josie continues to juggle Tupperware parties, her kids, and a few human heads. However, when someone from her past tails her on a hit, she may be in for more than she bargained for.

“Lady Killer is worth its weight in gold for the art alone, but the enigmatic Josie Schuller is the real appeal.”—Newsarama

I love dark humor in my comics. Housewife Josie Schuller is an assassin. The humor comes from her balancing her duties as the perfect wife and mother of twin girls with that of a brutal assassin. Often times her two worlds collide in a humorous having to use her housecleaning skills after dismembering someone in a bathroom. She is the queen of rolling with the punches...or clawed hammers to the head.

In volume 2, Josie and her family have moved and she is now a freelance assassin and Tupperware representative. But she is running into quite a few glitches along the way. Issue #1 shows how Josie is adapting to her new job through her inner having to clean up her own messes, and a mother-in-law that knows her secret, but still managing to keep her upbeat, perky outlook on life (read: sociopath). She gives us the seven rules of going into business for yourself as she kills, then struggles to hide a body in high heels and pearls none the less! We don't know where the story is heading yet, but a mysterious man has shown up on the last page.
This is an ultra-violent comic, but the artwork is amazing. Jolle Jones snagged 3 2016 Eisner Award nominations (Best Limited Series, Best Penciller/Inker and Best Cover Artist).

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  1. This looks awesome. Totally want!

  2. Replies
    1. I love Josie. I am going to cosplay her later this year. Found someone to make her dress from issue #1 Vol the yellow rubber gloves and pearls already just need to find a mop and then splash blood all over everything

  3. Great idea! Take lots of pics ;)