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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Book Review; Heaven's Door (Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter Book 6) by John G. Hartness

Heaven's Door (Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter Book 6)
by John G. Hartness
October 18, 2016
118 pages
He's finally found something to care about after a century of searching, but will he lose it all at the hands of his most dangerous foe yet?

Seven years ago, Quincy Harker vanquished the demon Orobas and saved the city of Charlotte, NC from his evil plans. Or so he thought. Now the half-divine Nephilim are turning up dead in the Queen City, and it looks like Orobas is back to finish the job.

Can Harker stop Orobas, or will the bloodthirsty demon unleash Hell on Earth?

Who is behind these horrible murders, and why do they seem to be calling Harker out?

Will this be the battle that finally ends the long life of Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter?

Find out when Harker, his girlfriend Detective Rebecca Flynn, his guardian angel Glory, and his uncle, the legendary Count Dracula bring the battle of the diving and demonic right to HEAVEN’S DOOR.

He's the immortal magic-wielding child of Jonathan Harker and Mina Murray from the classic novel Dracula. But to him it's not a story, it's family history. Quincy Harker is what you'd get if Constantine were renewed by HBO and taken to the darkest of dark sides. When things go bump in the night, he bumps right back.

Heaven's Door is Book 6 of the best-selling Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter series. Book 1 of the series, Raising Hell, was awarded the 2016 Manly Wade Wellman Award by the NC Speculative Fiction Foundation.

My favorite a$$hole demon hunter is at it again. Book 5, Heaven Sent, was a lead in to the events of Heaven's Door. So spoilers for book 5, but not for this book.

The big bad demon Orobas has plans to finish what Quincy stopped him from seven years ago. The demons in hell got to be pretty tired of having the door to hell almost opened only to have it closed in their faces...just saying. Any way, Quincy is on Orobas' sh** list but instead of going after Quincy directly, he is hitting those he holds most dearest.

There are lots of bloody fights, traitors unveiled and then Mr. Hartness goes all Games of Thrones on some characters...damn, no mercy. There are going to be some very powerful and pissed off people looking for revenge in the next book. Can't wait to see them in action.

The only knock I can find about this series is the "romance" between Quincy and Flynn doesn't work for me. She is bad a$$ and should have stayed in the friend zone <G>.

More fun quotes from Quincy:

"I hate demons, but sometimes when you need to pound a nail, you have to have a hammer. And sometimes you need a really big, flesh-rendering, life-devouring hammer that besmirches your immortal soul just by being in the same room with it. But killing that particular d**kwhistle was totally worth it."

"Great, because stoned wizards make the best decisions."

"I reared back and chunked that folded umbrella like a javelin, channeling all my former Olympian ancestors with my mighty throw.

Okay, more like I used my vampire-infused blood to hurl it like Ahab chunking a harpoon, but I'll take that, too."

4.5 "knock, knock" Sheep


About the Author:
This is me, and this is where I write. I’m John “Falstaff” Hartness and I’ve been writing for years, for myself and for other people. Once upon a time I did a little gig for Turner Broadcasting as part of their My South ad campaign and that got me interested in writing fiction and poetry again. After writing a poker blog for several years, I’ve transitioned into writing fiction, and launched this site to be my internet home. This is where I try out new stories, new essays and poems, and post photos of some of the shows I’ve designed.

I grew up in Bullock Creek, South Carolina, the youngest of four kids. I’m a graduate of Winthrop Universty with a BA in Theatre Performance, and I live in Charlotte with my lovely wife Suzy. We’ve been active in the theatre community around Charlotte for years, and between us we’ve worked for almost every theatre group in town at some point. My work has primarily been as a lighting designer, but I've also directed quite a bit, done sound and set design, and even acted once in a while. But I’ve always wanted to write, and this site is where I do it. So welcome, thanks for stopping by.

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