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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Comic Review: Tomboy Vol. 2: Absence of Good from Action Lab Entertainment: Danger Zone

Writer(s): M. Goodwin
Artist Name(s): M. Goodwin
Cover Artist(s): M.Goodwin

128 pgs./ T+ / FC $14.99
Action Lab Entertainment: Danger Zone

When Jessica is mistaken for the vigilante taking out the Ambidrex 20, Addison disobeys her grandfather's order to save her friend. The event leads Addison down a dark path from which she may not recover, however, as her attempt at heroism leads to a monstrous conclusion instead.

I was enthralled with the first volume, but volume two blew me away on so many levels. Goodwin has taken the "Magical Girl" genre and turned it inside out (heehee, if you've read this you know what I'm talking about) into a psychological and visual horror story. The author is not afraid to go "there." Addison is one of the most brutal vigilantes in the comic book world.

Yeah, I'm being kind of vague because there are many pieces to the story that the author is slowly letting us in on and there are spoilers galore. Don't want to ruin the gruesome surprises. There are new players in the game now and we have to wait and see how Addison handle's them.

The composition of the panels is brilliant. So many subtle things are conveyed to the reader. Some of the panels come as close to a jump scare as you can with a comic. I was excited for and dreaded what would happen next. The cover art is absolutely beautiful.

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5 "I'm the monster" Sheep


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