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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Comic Review: Tomboy: Divine Intervention TPB from Action Lab: Danger Zone

Tomboy: Divine Intervention TPB
Writer(s): Mia Goodwin
Artist Name(s): M. Goodwin
Cover Artist(s): M.Goodwin

Action Lab: Danger Zone
128 pages/ Rated: T+ / FC $14.99
“No Crime Goes Unpunished. No Criminal Walks Away.”

The death of a friend catches sixteen year -old Addison off guard, but a chance encounter with his

killers on the subway forever changes her life. Crime cover-ups, dirty cops, and magical dead boyfriends consume her life as she's thrust into the vigilante lifestyle and murder becomes her after school activity. Collects Tomboy 1-4.

Vigilantes are a common horror/action troupe. The Punisher is a great example...but what if instead of a big ex-military guy, the vigilante is a sweet 16 year old girl who plays field hockey for her school, and loves an anime-like character called Princess Cherry Cherry! Addison has a great life. It is her sixteenth birthday. She has a great relationship with her father, the local medical examiner, and grandfather. Then tragedy hits and Addison transforms into someone The Punisher might fear. The cover of issue one captures the tone and heart of this story.
Action Lab has done it again by helping bring Mia Godwin's unique, well-written and skillfully drawn comic to us. The artwork and color pallet add to the horror aspect by combing bright and cheerful with death and gore. I've always found it more disturbing when the monster is hidden behind a beautiful and innocent facade.
The first four issues contained in this trade paperback introduce many subplots and set up the relationship dynamics between all the characters. We watch Addison transition from a normal teenage girl to a brutal vigilante. At first she is reluctant and even scared, but with encouragement from two unlikely sources, she embraces who she is. It could be seen as a superhero (or villain?) origin story.

This is definitely one I will be following. But be warned, it is violent and gory.

5 "Let's Go!" Sheep


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