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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Triple Sheep Book Review: Demetrius (New Vampire Disorder Book 1) by Marie Johnston + giveaway

Demetrius (New Vampire Disorder Book 1)
by Marie Johnston
Genre: Paranormal Romance
April 12th, 2016
Publisher: Indie Published
Format: Digital
As if overthrowing the vampire government and helping implement a new council to make vampires, shifters, and hybrids play nice wasn’t enough, Demetrius Devereux finds a bigger problem to deal with in an innocent, stubborn, and privileged beauty. 
Callista Augustus is the over-protected daughter of a once-powerful vampire leader. Discovering her desperate father has tapped into a well of pure evil, Calli swallows her sense of betrayal and turns him in. She almost regrets it when she meets the infamous and arrogant Demetrius. Forcing herself to work with the male who ruined her family, Calli’s only concern is saving her father. 
When Demetrius gets past the infuriating personality of the righteous female, he realizes Calli’s the one in great danger. He gives her his help out of duty, until it becomes clear that if he loses her, he loses everything.   

Jeanie G.'s Review
Getting 4 "bonding" sheep
Clever story-line and graphic love scenes abound in the book. The first half is setting the scene for the "changing of the guard" within the Vampire race. The Old Guard (Vampire Council) found themselves fearful of declining strength and power so they decided to try and integrate "dark magic" and demons into their fold. Folly to think they could control the demons they summoned to bond with their offspring. The demons were more than willing to "comply" knowing that once they had unlimited access to the mortal world, they could have free reign to control all super's and mortals.

Demetrius (an offspring of a prominent Vampire Council family) took issue with suspicious activities and, along with a few others, banished the Old Council and is still in the process of investigating dark happenings within the vampire structure. He is trying to create a governing body (Trispecies Synod) that includes shifters, vampires and hybrids to maintain a peaceful coexistence and combine guardian responsibilities. Along comes Callista , also an offspring of one Old guard family, who is seeking assistance from Demetrius to determine if her father has been possessed by a demon. Having no where else to turn, she makes the sacrifice to work with the one person she thinks is responsible for her family's loss of wealth and position. Her mother disappeared when she was 8 years old and she has spent the last 16 + years trying to please and help her father survive with little or no status or income. She blames Demetrius.

On their initial meeting there was immediate attraction (of course) for Demetrius and Callista but unknown events in the past create a barrier for them to pursue what looks to be a "true mate" situation. You see, Callista's mother bound her to a demon when she was just a child, and with only a few weeks until her 25th birthday the are on a short countdown to loosing each other and possibly allowing a portal into the mortal realm for the demons.

I bought into the book immediately. Enjoying the Alpha male role of Demetrius and the almost naive role of Callista, I knew that fireworks were coming in both the "control" department and the "sex" department. Although it seemed like Callista was somewhat subservient to her father in the beginning, she is no ones fool. She takes up the mantle and proves to be a worthy addition to the new guard and her new mate.

Just an alert...the graphic sex scenes are more than mere fireworks, they are more like a hydrogen bomb exploded. If that's not your style then just skip about 4-5 chapters and you will still be good to go for the rest of the story. I am excited to read the next installment on Roark (Demetrius' good friend and vampire guard). I always look forward to seeing a unemotional, stalwart alpha male get taken to his knees by some sassy female! Don't know if that's what will happen but I can dream. Ha. I think this book has great merit even without the love scenes. I like the story and know that more of the New Guard antics are on the horizon!

Bianca Greenwood's Review
3 ½ sheep
Leader of the vampire political revolution, Demetrius Deveraux has a tall task; create harmony and cohesion among the world’s supernaturals as well as protect mankind from the threat of demonic invasion. Callista Augustus, part of the tarnished, overthrown vampire aristocracy, would rather eat dirt than consort with Deveraux, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Reluctantly, Calli seeks Devereux’s help to save her father and herself from certain doom. And so, the old pattern of simmering hate swiftly turning to smouldering lust ensues.

Demetrius is written in a style similar to JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series; lots of over-serious muscle-bound cool dudes, political intrigue, ass kicking, and vividly descriptive sex. It’s a formula, but it’s a formula that works. Demetrius has a few female power players on his team. I appreciated that touch. Johnston has also laid the groundwork for future installments by teasing storylines for other team members. I’ll likely pick up book two. Like BDB, Demetrius is an entertaining and satisfying for the most part. I read it quickly and enjoyed the experience, but if you’re looking for something original, keep looking.

TammyK's Review
4 Secret Sheep
Cali’s father is in trouble, of the pure evil kind. Cali has no one to turn to for help except the one man who destroyed her family Demetrius Devereux. Demetrius overthrew the vampire government practically kicking her then once Powerful father to the curb. Betraying her father by turning him in could not be helped it was the only way to save him but who is going to save her from the arrogant Demetrius. As they start to work together they discover past lies and secrets are at play that puts Cali right at the center that threatens her life. Demetrius is a doing what he can to save Cali and take down the underlying evil; however, along the way he realizes if he loses Cali he will lose everything but how can that be when Cali is not his true mate, all the signs are not there?

Cali was portrayed as an innocent heroine who was sheltered by her father all these years however when time came to step up to the plate she had no problem adjusting, taking action and even putting Demetrius in his place when needed. Demetrius may have had the bad boy Alpha male stigma but bad boy deep inside he truly was not. He was an Alpha that actually did care and only those closest to him knew that about him, which is why the people around him were absolutely loyal to him. The story, to me, was about secrets, everyone has them but to what extent, to protect, for greed, for power? When all these secretes come to head will Demetrius and Cali prevail, will it let evil take over? Does love concur all?

All in all I enjoyed the story. It was a light fun paranormal romance with plenty of action, deep rooted love whether it was romance, family or friends.

Well, I’m here,” he barked and marched toward the door of his chamber. It irritated him, the immediate effect she had.

He passed Betty and caught her censuring glare. Asserting herself to Demetrius was nothing new. To an old battle axe like Betty, he was still a snot-nosed youngling with holes in his britches. This look was different. It dawned on him that she might know Callista Augustus after having served the family of a council member for centuries.

He’d saved Betty’s ass, given her shelter and a job, and yet this young blonde stomped into his office and commanded his assistant’s respect over him?

Curbing any gentlemanly skills at the threshold, he entered his office and didn’t bother holding the door for her. He sat behind his desk, reclining back in his chair. She waited with her arms crossed across from him. Betty had already shut the door.

Well, damn. He was going to snap at Miss Augustus to close it, take out some of his aggression, show her who was in charge.

“Callista Augustus.”

“Demetrius Devereux.” Her voice was as fine as she was.

He decided to switch tactics. “You have me. Alone. Whatever do you need,” he purred, eyeing her up and down.

It should’ve been part of the act, but his eyes seemed to take great pleasure perusing her curves. Her clothing was quality, but worn. She wore faded black leggings with knee-high boots that had seen better days. The pale yellow cardigan she wore over a mulberry top complimented the stunning color of her eyes.

Those eyes were narrowed on him.

“I don’t plan on adding to the blog posts of your groupies. I’m here on business.”

About Marie Johnston:
Marie Johnston lives in the upper-Midwest with her husband, four kids, and an old cat. Deciding to trade in her lab coat for a laptop, she’s writing down all the tales she’s been making up in her head for years. An avid reader of paranormal romance, these are the stories hanging out and waiting to be told between the demands of work, home, and the endless chauffeuring that comes with children.


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