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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Book Review: The Magic of Cape Disappointment by Julie Manthey

by Julie Manthey
Paperback, 258 pages
December 12th 2015
Is it possible that love is the most powerful magic of all?

Growing up, her family insisted upon her destiny as a powerful healer based on a two-hundred year old prophecy. But Kay Baker was always more interested in forging her own path.

After completing medical school, she’s ready to leave her “medicine woman” status behind in favor of a new life in New York City.

However, Kay finds herself back in her hometown near Cape Disappointment after tragedy strikes—facing a new set of responsibilities and the legends she’s tried so hard to leave behind.

As the truth behind her powerful destiny is revealed, Kay discovers that magic is hiding everywhere—even among life’s greatest disappointments.

Who or what is in control of your life? You or Fate? Do you believe in "signs"? Is everything you feel or do bringing you closer to your predestined place in this world? No matter how you fight for independence is something steering you with relentlessness?

Sure that her nickname "Coyote girl" is just an endearment used because of her independent nature, Kay dismisses all tribal lore and sets out to find something unique and challenging to do with her life. Sailing through medical school (only to appease her mother) she turns away from the medical field and takes up art as a profession. Her painting of the "motorcycle man" brings rave reviews but little does she know that this painting will bring her more than is a prediction of things to come.

Set in Washington state, this story affords us a glimpse into Indian lore about skinchangers, magical powers and the link carried through generations. An easy, enjoyable read with just the right amount of characters, drama and romance. Enjoy the "alpha" female who needs a soul mate to temper her magic that she was unaware she even possessed. Talk about persistence! Her motorcycle man must be a saint to weather her cynical sometimes obstinate and rude behavior while coming to terms with her "calling".

I loved the portrayal of family challenges and the little bit of history (made up or real?) I gleamed from this book. It was easy to read, although not necessarily an obsessive page turner, and I really enjoyed it.

Will she embrace her heritage? Will she choose freedom from the strong pull of responsibility to her tribe? Follow Kay through her thought processes and perhaps relate to her struggles as she comes to peace with her decision. We all may not have magical ties to our past but I am sure many of us can relate to major life changes that chart the course for our destiny.

I give this 4 "close to the veil" sheep

Jeanie G

About the Author:
Julie Manthey started writing stories for her family and friends as soon as she could hold on to a crayon. She is a proud Hoya alumna of Georgetown University.

Julie thinks that the best part of writing fiction is imagining alternate worlds and mixing up a small echo of reality with a very large dose of fiction to create a fun, magical reading escape. She hopes that you enjoy the magical and fictional world she created in The Magic of Cape Disappointment. Julie is also currently writing the second novel in the Cape Disappointment series.

Why “HeyJoule?” Well, a Joule is a unit of energy and there was much energy and enthusiasm transferred into this novel. Besides, “Jule” as a nickname only makes sense for this very busy novel gal if you spell it as Joule.


  1. Sounds good! I like the skinwalker mythology and Indian lore.

  2. I always enjoy a new (to me anyway) take on mysthology. This gave me just enough to not get bogged down with info and let me enjoy the story.