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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Spotlight: Unusual Seductions Anthology (Science Fiction/Fantasy Romance)

Unusual Seductions
by Julie Morgan, Stella Price, Cassidy K. O'Connor, Tilly Greene, Christine Alvarez, Sheri Lyn
March 22, 2016498 pages
Price: $2.99

Sex and the Supernatural
by Stella and Audra Price
Tara Gavin belongs to the NightshadeSociety, an elite group that takes care of all the nasties that roam the night,especially ghosts in all their wicked incarnations. A woman with secrets of herown, she is plagued by an insatiable need for physical contact on a dailybasis.
Two nights before Halloween, she's called in to save some stupid amateur ghosthunters from a house that has long been on the Society's black list, and getstrapped inside. Trapped with a sexy man with horns that is not supposed to bethere.
Antaeus Folle is a demon who was tricked into the caretakership of the HoytMansion and its murderous inhabitants. When all Hell breaks loose and he findsa sexy, dangerous as hell woman snagged in a trap room, he realizes that if heplays his cards right, he could end his tenure as babysitter and go back to thelife he was ripped from. He just didn't count on the woman he sees as a saviorbeing the biggest temptation he's ever had.
Having to work together, despite growing attraction on both sides, is not goingto be easy. Ant will have to open his world up to another, and Tara will haveto trust a demon with her life, and possibly her heart.

Symphony of Night
by Julie Morgan
The veil has lowered and the human race nowrealizes they are not alone. We live among the supernatural, but there's acatch; you only see them if you have the supernatural gene. Humans want todeclare war, but how do you fight against a force you cannot see?
My name is Jac and I'm the last Valkyrie. My best friend and guardian, Rowan,is a gargoyle. The portal to our world has closed, keeping the supernaturaltrapped on earth. That is until word is out about a stone with powers to openit. It's not just any stone, it is THE stone.
Tasked by Archangel Michael to locate this stone, I manage to pick up a band ofmisfits willing to help me in my quest. One of them is Khai, an Oni. Samuel,the first of the Fallen, is also out for the stone, and plans on using to hisadvantage. 

What happens if the stone falls into the wrong hands? Appearancescan be deceiving, and alliances will form. Are the humans in the right forraging war, and are the supernatural justified to fight back? How do you choosewho's right, and who's wrong?

My Name is Cer
by Tilly Greene
Cerberus, the hellhound of the Underworld,is given the task to accompany his queen wherever she wants to go and she picksmodern day London. The duo is ready to indulge in shopping for her and plentyof naked willing ladies for him, only they're greeted in the new world byviolence. Leaving a horrifying mess of blood and bodies behind, they find ahotel and connect with Kate Bentley.
As a staff member, she sees that their every need is fulfilled and more with avisit to a lingerie shop. The playful and randy sides of Cer merge togetherwith Kate and he can't shake what he starts feeling for her. Cer is a dog atheart, but after an erotic show, a kinky bra, Kate calling him Sir, and acouple men from Scotland Yard, there may be too many changes for them to goback to where they were.

Loving the Monster Within
by Cassidy K.O'Connor
Penelope Harbough hasdedicated her life to her job at a home for battered women and children. Withsuch a stressful and heartbreaking job, she finds her solace in the arms ofFrank - a gargoyle statue that sits atop her building watching over the city.She spills her heart to him daily while watching the sun rise.
Asald sold his soul for the woman he loved. After upsetting the prince of Hell,he is cursed to become the monster he feared was inside him. To make up forsome of the guilt, he takes it upon himself to protect the women of theshelter. A vigilante. A modern day winged Robin Hood, of sorts. Until he'sforced to reveal himself...
Love trapped him but can it save him, too? When Penelope learns the truth, willshe run screaming or will love prevail.

Sealed in Blood 
by Christine Alvare
An agreement sealed in blood, forged by theblind love of a mother for her daughter, but was it the right choice?
Claire, a being created from the union of man and angel, has been hidden inplain sight, her lineage kept a secret from everyone - including herself. Kyon,a Hellhound, has been sent to collect her soul, but one look and those planshave changed.
What happens when fate intervenes? When you fall for the soul you were meant totake? Or for the being that was meant to kill you?
All Hell breaks loose and you take on the demon's wrath.

Goated by the Gods
by Sheri Lyn
Their family cursed by the God Thor longago, the Maddux brothers are forced to walk the earth as both goats and men.Maddening at first, the family has since learned to use their curse to theiradvantage and wouldn't trade it for anything, except maybe love. Findingsomeone to accept them- both sides- is proving difficult.
Thor feels guilty that time slipped away from him in the mortal realm, he nevermeant for the curse to last as long as it has. In an attempt to make up for it,Thor takes it upon himself to help the brothers find their soul mates, with thehelp of the Trickster god himself, Loki.
A Matchmaking service run by Thor and Loki? This should be fun, but when thegods are involved, nothing is ever easy.

only $2.99

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