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Monday, May 8, 2017

Book Review: Spinning Time, A Time Travel Romance by D.F. Jones

Spinning Time, A Time Travel Romance
by D.F. Jones 
May 9, 2017
Genre: Time Travel Romance, Time Travel
ISBN-10: 0-9861227-7-7
Print Length: 303 pages
Publisher: Jones Media 
Spinning Time rips Julia decades away from Phillip, but their love inextricably binds them together as they fight for a way to reunite.

Southern debutante, Julia Boatwright has everything a twenty-one-year-old desires, a wealthy family, close friends, and Phillip, her handsome fiancé.

Until one day, Julia plunges into the deep pools of Burkett Falls trapped in a natural time portal that spins her seventy years into the future.

ATTRA (Alien Time Travel Research Agency) Commander Adams runs a secret agency controlling time events, and she wants Julia.

Julia holds the key that may break the time space barrier into the distant past shaping the future outcome for the inhabitants of Earth.

With the help of time tracker, Ruben Callaway, and his team, a window of time approaches which may allow Julia to spin through a loop of time between the parallel universes back home.

Will Julia find a way to Phillip before time runs out?

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Julia has found the love of her life in Phillip and in one tragic moment she is ripped away from him and is propelled from 1948 to 2017. Her only goal is to find her way back to him no matter the cost. Phillip is devastated when Julia disappears in the pools of Burkett Falls. He is absolutely convinced that she did not die but is lost in time somewhere.

A fresh new twist on a story that is a mix of romance, time travel and science fiction makes this story an enjoyable read. A wide variety of characters keeps the interest peaked. I would have liked a little more development on some of the characters and maybe a chance of another book on more of the same characters but all and all a good story to read.

Getting 4 sheep

Denise B

About the Author:
After graduating Middle Tennessee State University, D.F. Jones landed a job as a broadcast consultant at the ABC Affiliate in Nashville, which led her opening an advertising agency. Over the years, she’s created many campaigns for clients and still enjoys developing marketing materials.

However, in December of 2010, D. F. Jones became a caregiver for her parents. There’s nothing quite like facing mortality to shake up one’s life. She began my writing her first novel in the late Fall of 2014.

Writing is a source of creative expression, but it also releases stress for D. F. Jones. Writing takes her to a place where anything is possible, and fiction takes D.F. Jones to a place made of dreams.

D.F. Jones is happily married to the love of her life and best friend, KJ. They have two gorgeous grown sons she loves and adores more than life itself. D.F. Jones loves to laugh, and her husband keeps her in stitches!

D.F. Jones is a fan of the Tennessee Titans, MTSU Blue Raiders and she enjoys working in her flower gardens.

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