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Monday, May 29, 2017

Flock Talk: Favorite book snacks

What's better than reading? Eating while reading! So I asked our sheep reviewers what was their favorite book snack...

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Hmmm...that's a hard one. Especially, since I read almost constantly... I read with breakfast, I read with lunch and I read with supper (or any combination of above. But late in the evening in lieu of TV, I read with a snack. My favorite? Why popcorn and chocolate of course. Reading is like going to a movie. You have the plot, the stars, the supporting cast and the visual department is outstanding! (Of course that's because you are the director doing all the choreography and special effects in your mind). 

And who goes to a movie without popcorn and candy? Not this girl. I have been know to go to the theater just to buy the popcorn and take it home to enjoy. Hey, don't judge, the theater is making a killing on that popcorn and it's one of my guilty pleasures.

So to those of you who say they don't like to read...get an audio book if your eyes are lazy. Use your E-reader, IPad, laptop or, heaven forbid, pick up the real thing of paper and ink! Let your imagination be the producer and director of the play or movie that is always available. And indulge yourself in your favorite snack and plot. It might be watermelon (one of my alternatives) or guacamole and chips (another of my favorites) or ice cream (not my choice...little messy and you have to use two hands) or any of the favorite health foods (UGHGH!!) you desire.

Personally, I am sticking with my popcorn and chocolate for snack of choice, whether I sit in a movie theater or my private showing of any book I happen to immersed myself within! I even give myself "stars" or "sheep" after I am finished depending on how well the author and myself as producer and director got along. Happy Snacking everyone!

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I'm such a big foodie so it's no surprise that I like to munch while reading. My favorite snack is baked tater tots. No lie. I bake them in the evening and then slip them into a sandwich bag once they're cooled off. Then when I'm reading, I munch to my heart's delight with a cold bottle of Sprite next to me. And my dog Hayley, because she's a foodie too and wouldn't pass up a possible food opportunity. 

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Most times, I read in bed fore I go to sleep, but when I read in the living room, I like to drink either a Coke, or Kirkland (Costco) diet green tea or Nestle Splash (orange-flavored water). As for snacking; it can be peanuts, a sandwich (if lunchtime), chips, or chocolate candy. Most times, though, I don't snack, just the drink.

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I typically don't eat after dinner. I need to stay in shape, 'cause zombie attack? You never know. On weekends, I do sip a cocktail (or three) while reading. My drink of choice is Canadian whisky on the rocks (all the rocks) with a splash of Diet Coke. And, hey, if zombies attack some weekend, I'll be better fortified for a fight. 

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I don't really eat and read. I tend to binge right before I sit down to read. Frozen chocolate is a favorite. Matter of fact, just about all chocolate/cookie/cake/brownie taste better when frozen. If I don't have anything in the freezer, I will eat a bowl of cereal before I read. My all time favorite is Honey Smacks (Sugar Smacks to us older folk). I could eat that three times a day... 

So....what do you like to snack on while reading?


  1. I like a coffee, hot or iced, with my book when I'm reading. I don't like to eat while reading, but when I'm on a hot writing streak, I do better if I have something fiercely crunchy next to me. Anything from carrots to dry cereal to popcorn. I think it must be a way to bleed off some of the adrenaline, especially during an action scene. CRUNCH CRUNCH, TYPE, CRUNCH CRUNCH, TYPE....

    1. I agree with the crunch factor...M&Ma work too ;)

  2. I love cookies. Chocolate chip are the best, but any will do. If no cookies are available then pop tarts are a second best.

    1. I like crunchy cookies and dip them in milk. But for some reason my kids like soft cookies! YUCK . I love to toast chocolate poptarts or the brown sugar ones..and dip them in milk!