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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Book Review: Demon Kin (Soul Tracker Book 2) T.G. Ayer

Demon Kin (Soul Tracker Book 2)
T.G. Ayer
January 17, 2017
308 pages
When a business tycoon hires Mel Morgan to find his missing daughter, the SoulTracker is thrown headlong into twists and turns of unexpected deaths and unusual killers. But to find the girl in time to save her, she has to first understand the killer. Demonic or human killers? Mel can't decide which will be worse.

Things get a little complicated when she has to help find both a Panther Alpha's mother, and a reluctant Djinn Queen. Add to the mix an evil spirit plus her mentor Samuel sending her terrifying messages in the Ether. Save him, or else.

It's just all in a days work for a SoulTracker.

Soul Tracker Mel Morgan can find almost anyone almost anywhere. Something of an anomaly in the paranormal world, Mel can use the DNA material of a lost person to track their ‘threads’ and pinpoint their location, be it on the earthly plane or some other dimension. Mel’s gifts of astral projection and ‘jumping’ allow her to rescue people from peril and return them to safety. Tracking has become a career for Mel and her roommate assistants and she’s the best in the biz. Much to the puzzlement of Detective Fulbright, Mel typically succeeds where local law enforcement has failed. So when local police fail to produce meaningful leads on a local teen, Mel is hired by the teen’s tycoon father to find answers.

I quite like this series and its cast of characters. The storytelling is colourful and imaginative. I like how Ayer uses a few conventions of horror in this particular installment. There were a couple moments I found myself actually shuddering. I enjoy the more thrilling aspects of the story and the fast-paced action. Ayer also tosses in a little romance, though the relationship between Mel and Saleem, a djinn turned police detective, has yet to be fully realized.

My major criticism of this book is a plot that can be best described as frantic. There are no fewer than three storylines unfolding in this book in addition to the Mel’s current case. In defence of Ayer, this book is a spinoff to a larger series that I have not read. As such, I was confused by the shifter kidnapping subplot. Additionally, Saleem’s family troubles continue to slowly develop in the background. Add to this Mel’s own failing health, and abject instance to soldier on at all costs, the mysterious disappearances of her sister Ari and mentor Samuel, and the pace is almost too much. I really liked the main storyline. It’s creative, eerie, and horrific. It definitely had enough substance to carry the book without some of the extras. Simplification would have improved this book.

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Three sheep

Bianca Greenwood

About the Author:
Tee is the author of over 25 Contemporary Fantasy, Thriller & Paranormal novels

Tee's Valkyrie Series is a Norse Mythology based Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy

Her Hand of Kali Series is a diverse YA Contemporary Fantasy using Indian Mythology as a setting

Tee's DarkWorld contains two current series:
* The SkinWalker Series, a NA Shifter & Magic Urban Fantasy with a black panther, reluctant alpha tracker who will keep you on your toes.
* The SoulTracker Series, a NA Contemporary Fantasy with a teleporting, astral-projecting kick-ass main character.
Upcoming in the world are:
* The MetalSinger (Tara), * The DeathTalker (Nerina) & * The Stolen Queen of Dracys

Tee also has an Angels & Demons Urban Fantasy series, the Chronicles of the Irin, and if you like strong female leads with wings, and a dreadlocked albino demon side-kick, Evie's story is for you.

Tee also writes Romantic Suspense and Psychological Horror as Toni Vallan. Click on Thrillers on Tee's website to find out more.

And because Tee hardly ever sleeps and loves making stuff up, look out for more books, coming soon.

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