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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

KICKSTARTER: The A, B, Zeees - A Zombie Alphabet Book by Ricardo Sanchez + giveaway

The A, B, Zeees - A Zombie Alphabet Book
A humorous, illustrated, rhyming, primer to help us all understand and get along with the undead when the zombie apocalypse comes.
Check out the Kickstarter page for artwork and videos about the project
Backers can get in at $6 for a digital copy, or $12 for a physical copy.

About this project
"The A, B, Zeees" is intended to help humans, like you and me, relate to our undead neighbors. The book was created with the belief that all we need to avert the impending zombie apocalypse is a better understanding of zombies and what motivates them.
Each letter of the alphabet, and accompanying verse, translate basic zombie emotions and needs, expressed through the various "aaarghs," "graaahsls," and "fshnuls" that zombies are able to vocalize.

Still not convinced?
Check out this testimonial from a SoCal resident.

About The Creators

"The A, B, Zeees" is a collaboration between San Francisco based writer Ricardo Sanchez, who's works include the Elvis Sightings Mysteries, Resident Evil, and the Kickstarter funded A Hero's Death (with artist Mark Texeira.)

New York City based artist "Kidbrainer," is a hard core gamer and graduate of Brooklyn College who abandoned a career in medicine, digging into living bodies, for a life of art and creativity, drawing decaying bodies. You can see more of her work on DeviantArt.

One winner will get a zombie caricature by artist Kidbrainer!
You will need to provide a photo of your head and torso.

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