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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Book Review: Entangled: The Homecoming (The Sugar Maple Chronicles Book 6) by Barbara Bretton

Entangled: The Homecoming (The Sugar Maple Chronicles Book 6)
by Barbara Bretton
June 25, 2018
Pages: 181
Welcome to Sugar Maple . . .

When pregnant army wife Mallory and her young daughter go missing in a sudden snowstorm after a knitting workshop, Sticks & Strings owner and sorceress-in-training Chloe Hobbs springs into action. If Chloe and her human cousin Wendy can’t locate them ASAP, the magickal Vermont town will become Ground Zero for every news organization in the country.

And it couldn’t be happening at a worse time. Rohesia and the Old World magicks are making the transition to the earthly dimension and it isn’t going smoothly. Old friends are becoming new enemies and time may be running out on bringing peace back to Sugar Maple.

With three lives at stake and her beloved hometown’s future hanging in the balance, Chloe needs all the help she can get to make things right before it’s too late.

Chloe decides to host a parent/child knitting class at her shop Sticks and Strings. What she didn’t consider was how hectic it would be and that most kids have short attention spans. Mallory’s daughter Ava, took an instant liking to Laria and was teaching Laria how to knit. When a sudden snowstorm interrupts the fun, the workshop is cut short and everyone goes on their way. When Mallory and Ava go missing in the storm Chloe, Gavan and Wendy start trying to figure out where the two could be located.

The introduction of the new clan of Old World magicks stirs up trouble between the townspeople and the new inhabitants that lends a new angle to the people of Sugar Maple. Rohesia and her people have never been in the early realm and are having trouble fitting in, whereas the people of Sugar Maple want them gone asap causing a riff to build between friends that may never be repaired.

Bretton has created a beautiful town filled with supernatural beings that you want to know about after reading each book. Her knowledge of knitting is obvious and has the ability to make any reader want to learn to knit too! The story is filled with fun, laughter, love, and tears which is the recipe needed to keep a reader interested book after book.

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About the Author:
In the month of February 1982 I wrote and sold my first novel. And no, I wouldn't believe it either if it hadn't happened to me. I sent in my manuscript on Thursday February 21, 1982 and four days later the telephone rang and I heard the amazing words, "We want to buy your book." How I wish you could have seen me. I was standing by the kitchen door of our North Babylon house, the picture of cool sophistication, as I listened to Vivian Stephens explain the terms of the deal to me. You would have thought I'd sold a first book every single day of my life. Yes, I said. Sounds wonderful. Thank you so much for calling. I look forward to our association. That cool sophistication hung on until I hung up the phone, took a deep breath, then promptly threw up on my shoes.

I was thirty-one years old, unagented, unschooled, unfamiliar with anything to do with the business of publishing. To put it mildly, I was in shock. My husband was working in Manhattan at the time (and finishing up his degree at night) so it would be hours until I could break the news to him. This was too exciting to waste on a phone call. I wanted to see his face when I told him that my dream had finally come true -- and came with a $6000 advance! 

He pulled into the driveway at midnight. I was waiting in the doorway, holding a bottle of champagne and two glasses. I didn't have to say a word. He knew right away and the look of joy and pride in his eyes warms me now, years later, long after the advance faded into memory.

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