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Friday, November 9, 2018

Excerpt Spotlight: Alpha’s Call: A Collection of Shifter Romances + giveaway

Are You Dating A Wahya? 
by Kristal Hollis

If you have ever looked at your man and thought, "There’s something different about this guy that I can’t quite figure out," then he might be a Wahya. Here’s how to know for sure.

1. If your man seems to ignore you during meals, salivates at a sporting event when the scent of hamburgers and hot dogs fills the air or glares when you try to steal a French fry, he might be a Wahya. They love to eat and can be quite stingy with food. However, if a Wahya willing shares his food, it’s a good sign he is bonding with you.

2. If your man is especially frisky during a full moon and wants to have a howling contest, he might be a Wahya. You may also notice that in his home, clothing is optional.

3. If during a disagreement, your man growls soft, low, and menacing, then he might be a Wahya. You may also hear this sound when he is jealous, or simply in a bad mood. However, pay close attention to tone and watch your man’s eyes. If the growl resonates more like a purr, you might be in for a rocking night of romance.

4. After a date, if you look out your window and see a wolf in the shadows watching your home, your man might a Wahya. They are very protective of the ones the love and will always put themselves between you and any threat, no matter how great or small.

5. If you hear the word, “Mine,” incessantly run through your mind in your man’s voice, he might be a Wahya who has decided to love and cherish you forever.

If your man meets all five descriptions, especially number five, then you are definitely dating a Wahya. Wrap your arms around him and hold on tight. You’re in for one wild adventure.

Alpha’s Call: A Collection of Shifter Romances
November 6, 2018
656 pages
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance
Can you resist the Alpha’s Call?

This collection of hot alpha males is a must have for every shifter lover’s ebook library.

Six bestselling, fan-favorite authors bring you action-packed romances ranging from sensual to scorching. Wolves, big cats, dragons, and much more heat up the pages.

Go ahead. Ignore the Alpha’s Call. We dare you.
Featuring Bestselling Authors:
Lia Davis
Lousia Bacio
Kristal Hollis
Christa Ann
Lori Titus
Misha Carver

by Kristal Hollis
Chapter 1
Sweltering heat rained down on the uninhabited island off Central Florida’s east coast. In wolfan form, Eason Stratton carefully padded through the expanse of slender pines and thickets of cabbage palms.

Having explored every inch of Coquina Cay since childhood, Eason knew where to leap, zig and zag to avoid injury. Today, however, he wasn’t alone.

“Not much of a paradise.” Chad Miller’s voice whispered through Eason’s mind.

Wahyas—an ancient species of wolf shifters, communicated telepathically with one another when in their wolfan forms.

“It’s a matter of perspective.” Eason glanced at his childhood friend, the brindle-colored wolf keeping pace with him. “Yours changed a long time ago.”

“I suppose yours never will.” Chad’s wistfulness underscored the subtle tension growing between them over the last few weeks.

“This place is as much a part of me as my wolf.” Eason’s earliest memories were of picnics and fishing trips on the pristine beach with his grandfather, William, the previous Alpha of the Eau Gallie pack. “I could no more diverge myself from Coquina Cay than I could stop being Wahya.”

“Except that you can. Being Wahya is genetic. Coming here is a choice.” Chad’s frustrated growl was expected. No one understood the maddening instinct that continually pulled Eason back to the island. Not even Eason himself.

“Did you tag along today just to pick a fight?” Eason halted. “Or is something else going on?”

Chad’s hard gaze dispelled any notion that the request to join Eason on the excursion was an attempt to smooth the rough patch they’d hit in their life-long friendship. “Yesterday, the marine patrol found a bow rider anchored offshore, and the boaters were trespassing on the beach.”

“Tourists, probably.” No one in Bellamar, the coastal town several nautical miles due west, would waste their time trekking out to the Eau Gallie pack’s private island which lacked the modern conveniences of running water and electricity.

“Well, they weren’t happy to get booted off,” Chad said telepathically. “In case they returned, I didn’t want you confronting them alone. Especially because the marine patrol suspects smugglers are making their way up the coast.”

“I can handle myself.”

“Can you?” Chad scoffed. “Because your head is always in the clouds.”

“My head has never been in the clouds.” Though Eason kept the snark from his thoughts, tension crept along his spine.

“Underwater, then.” Chad made no attempt to restrain his contempt. “Geezus, Eason. When will you grow up? You can’t play in the ocean for the rest of your life.”

“Why not? It’s my life and I intend to enjoy it.” For good measure, Eason added an air of flippancy to his thoughts.

“The pack needs a leader, not a beach bum.” With a rough snort, Chad darted back the way they’d come.
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