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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Book Review: A Timely Revolution: (Book One) by Tempie W. Wade

A Timely Revolution: (The Timely Revolution Series Book One)
by Tempie W. Wade
December 9, 2018

ISBN: 9780960025701
Waking up in the year 1765, next to a mysterious black horse, Maggie Bishop has no idea what cosmic force shook her up and spit her back out 253 years in the past, and she certainly has no clue on how to get back to her life in 2018. What she does know is that she needs to find a way to survive in the not-so-modern and very dangerous world that she has been unexpectedly thrust into.

With the American Revolutionary War on the horizon, Maggie uses her knowledge of the future to create a new life with the sole intent of steering clear of trouble while keeping her loved ones safe from the devastation of war. However, when a simple twist of fate intervenes, Maggie finds herself not only owed a debt by General George Washington, but also caught up in the early stages of the Culper Spy Ring. Torn between protecting the man that she loves, but knows she can never have, and saving the life of her best friend, both on opposite sides of the conflict, Maggie must find a way to walk a fine line between the two opposing armies, or risk changing everything that history says is meant to be.

Take a stroll down the streets of the past while being introduced to a few of its real-life citizens during the time of the American Revolution in a tale where fantasy and history are intertwined into a story that you will not soon forget.

Maggie Bishop sits out on the beach in North Carolina thinking about her new engagement to Brad, and if she really wants to get married. She goes to the water’s edge and finds an ornate bottle, that has a strange Scottish poem inside. Clutching the bottle, she heads back to the room she is sharing with Brad. Dizziness and pain overcome her until she blacks out. Maggie wakes up next to a mysterious black horse. She was on the beach with no familiar buildings around, just beach and sea. She soon learns it is no longer in 2018, it is 1765.

If you enjoyed Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series, then readers will enjoy this novel (first in a series), A Timely Revolution, which like Outlander, has a heroine from the future who magically ends up in the past, during the time a historical war happens. Real historical figures mesh with fictional, plus romance. Ms. Wade handles historical facts and figures well, adding her spin in this book. I cannot wait for the second novel in the series and what happens to Maggie next.

I give A Timely Revolution 5 Revolutionary sheep.

Reviewed by Pamela K. Kinney

About the Author:
Tempie W. Wade is a lifelong resident of Virginia and currently resides in Williamsburg, Virginia. She has a love of history, old architecture, and travel. The author likes to incorporate historically accurate events with a touch of fantasy, in hopes that her readers will become interested enough to do their own research into the past.

The Timely Revolution Book Series is continuous work of historical fantasy/fiction, that includes actual people and events during the American Revolutionary War in and around Colonial Williamsburg.

Book One- A Timely Revolution
Book Two-More

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