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Monday, September 2, 2019

Book Review: The Four Horsemen: Bound (The Four Horsemen Series Book 2) by LJ Swallow

The Four Horsemen: Bound (The Four Horsemen Series Book 2)
by LJ Swallow
Sept 11, 2018
Pages: 170
The story of Verity and the Four Horsemen continues in the second book of this addictive REVERSE HAREM urban fantasy series from USA Today bestselling author LJ Swallow.

What happens when you discover Truth is a lie?

Ewan's shock revelation sends Vee's life further into chaos, and she faces an uncertain future in a secret world she never knew existed.

The Four Horsemen now have their missing link and will each do anything to protect and support her, but Vee's determined to show them she can be their equal.

When Vee joins the Four Horsemen's hunt for those behind the plot to murder a fae queen, she discovers society faces bigger dangers than she realised. One night changes everything and increases Vee's determination to harness her power and step into her new role.

The group are about to find out exactly how powerful Truth is.

The Four Horsemen is a series of urban fantasy books with a reverse harem twist. Prepare to follow the main story of Vee and the Horsemen through addictive books filled with action, suspense, magic and paranormal romance with multiple love interests. They must be read in order and the books heat up! Contains sex and strong language. For readers 18+.

The book is written in BRITISH ENGLISH with British spelling, grammar and idiom.


Vee joins the Four Horsemen becoming the fifth they have been searching for but she’s not sure she is ready for all that she discovers. The five need to discover who is out to kill the fae queen before the balance is shifted the wrong way.

Vee is a powerful woman who can tell when a person is lying. As far as powers go it is one that can be helpful as well as painful. She is surrounded by four beautiful men that she is drawn to in different ways that can either strengthen the team and help her harness her other powers or could drive them all apart causing a catastrophe that could affect all those around her.

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Getting 4 sheep

Denise B

About the Author:
LJ Swallow is a USA Today bestselling author and alter-ego of bestselling contemporary romance author Lisa Swallow. 

Giving in to her dark side, LJ spends time creating worlds filled with supernatural creatures who don't fit the norm, and heroines who are more likely to kick ass than sit on theirs.

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