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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Excerpt: Pestilence (Feared Fables Book 3) + giveaway

Pestilence: A Modern Retelling of the Four Horsemen (Feared Fables Book 3)
by Klarissa King
September 3rd, 2019
Genres: Fantasy, New Adult, Retelling
For centuries, Pestilence has tried to fall out of love with Death—the reason for her curse. But with her heart and mind at odds, humanity’s fate doesn’t stand a chance in her cold, grey hands.

Pestilence and Shadow, her trusted steed, walk the earth to deliver plagues upon the humans. But when they wake to a world they don’t recognise, Pestilence must learn to navigate the advanced technology of the humans and evade their interest in her.
It isn’t long until videos of her destruction are spread across the human world.

Soon, Pestilence finds herself with more than just her steed as her shadow. Now, the humans and Death are tracking her to the ends of the earth.
This mission is different. There’s a new Horserider, War, whose bloodthirst can only be matched by Pestilence’s, and he carries with him a past so mysterious that Pestilence suspects he hasn’t come to end just the humans, but her, too.

And Death, after centuries, suddenly yearns for her again.
Something is different about this mission. Something is different about the Horseriders.
And it’s something Pestilence must uncover if she’s to outlive the species she loathes so much and survive whatever malevolence Death and War are brewing.
The end has come … but for who?

Third Book in the ANTHOLOGY series, Feared Fables.

About the Author:
When not writing, Klarissa can be found in bed poring over a great new release, or reluctantly walking her demanding dogs who pretty much run the house.

She is the writer, Isla Jones. Isla uses the pen-name Klarissa for fantasy, while using Isla Jones for her darker, grittier horror works to help separate the styles and genres for her readers.

To contact Klarissa King, find her here 
For Isla Jones' author page, click here 

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  1. Interesting premise and never heard of this author or book series before. Looks interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm sure I'll enjoy this read. Thank you.

  3. This isn't the type of book I would normally pick up based on the cover but I like the description. Maybe I've found something new to read!