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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Book Review: Hamartia by Raquel Rich

by Raquel Rich
August 15, 2018
Pages: 338
Genre: science fiction, thriller, time travel
Grace’s nine-year-old son, Jordan, is dying. First, the Metagenesis disease will tear his soul from his body, and then it will kill him. Desperate for a cure, Grace agrees to take part in an illegal clinical trial cloning souls. Supported by her best friend Kay, the two embark on the ultimate “Vegas Vacation” to the past in search of the right soul to clone, racing against time to save Jordan’s life. But someone is trying to stop them and when they discover why Grace must make a choice: let her son die or kill her husband. If she kills her husband, she triggers widespread Metagenesis, sealing the fate of the human race with a new plague.

Humanity is counting on Grace choosing to let her son die.

Jordan is dying from Metagenesis, a disease that will remove his soul from his body and kill him forever. Grace is desperate to save her son and agrees to take part in an illegal clinical trial to clone souls. Grace, along with her best friend Kay, agree to travel to Vegas, eighty years in the past to find Grace’s soulmate to be cloned to save Jordan’s life.

From the moment Grace and Kay arrive in the past things seem to go wrong, from the clothes they are wearing to the money they were sent with to find the soul they need to save Jordan. One of the things they didn’t count on was that others had come before them and that someone would want to stop them from protecting a child.

This was a story that really makes you think. Time travel as a concept has always been a sticky one with unanswered questions, then add in reincarnation and soul mates and you have a whole new theory to contemplate. If you enjoy a story that will put your brain to the test than this is the book for you.

Getting 4 sheep

Denise B

About the Author:
Raquel Rich is an author with Words Matter Publishing. She loves to travel, suntan, walk her dog, and is obsessed with all things Beauty & the Beast. She despises cold weather, balloons, and writing about herself in the third person but noticed all the real authors do that. Born and raised in Canada to Brazilian parents, she lives in the Toronto area with her family. Married to the guy she's been with since she was fifteen (her baby daddy), her superpowers include being a mom to their two awesome grown-ass boys and one fur baby. She's also an okay step-mom and an auntie to a clan of classy ladies. Raquel's debut novel, HAMARTIA, won the grand prize in a book writing contest sponsored by Words Matter Publishing.

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