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Sunday, May 31, 2020

A Moon by any other name...

Photo by Peter de Vink from Pexels
Full moons in 2020, according to NASA: 

Jan. 10 Wolf Moon 
Feb. 9 Snow Moon 
Mar. 9 Worm Moon 
Apr. 7 Pink Moon 
May 7 Flower Moon 
Jun. 5 Strawberry Moon 
Jul. 5 Buck Moon 
Aug. 3 Sturgeon Moon 
Sep. 2 Corn Moon 
Oct. 1 Harvest Moon 
Oct. 31 Blue Moon 
Nov. 30 Beaver Moon 
Dec. 29 Cold Moon

American Indian (Cherokee)
 January: Cold Moon       July: Ripe Corn Moon 
February: Bony Moon       August: Fruit Moon
March: Windy Moon    September: Nut Moon
 April: Flower Moon    October: Harvest Moon
       May: Planting Moon   November: Trading Moon
        June: Green Corn Moon     December: Snow Moon

January: Holiday Moon     July: Hungry Ghost Moon
February: Budding Moon     August: Harvest Moon
March: Sleepy Moon     September: Chrysanthemum Moon
April: Peony Moon     October: Kindly Moon
May: Dragon Moon     November: White Moon
June: Lotus Moon     December: Bitter Moon

Head over to Keith's Moon Page to find more moon names from these other cultures--along with anything you need to know about the moon.
Colonial American
American Indian (Choctaw)
American Indian (Dakotah Sioux)
English Medieval
New Guinea

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