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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Book Review: A Vampire Bewitched (Deathless Night Book 1) by L.E. Wilson + giveaway

A Vampire Bewitched (Deathless Night Book 1) 
by L.E. Wilson 
December 19, 2014
302 pages
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
A vampire needs his mate to survive, but can he protect her from the most dangerous threat of all? Himself.

Nikulas Kreek has been searching for his brother for seven long years. Now, with the first lead he's had in a long time, he discovers a witch went missing a few weeks before it happened. Coincidence? No way. Even better, the witch has a sister who might have more information. And that sister is hot. Like model hot. Nikulas knows as soon as he sets eyes on her strawberry-blond head he should stay far away. But the moment he tastes her, he realizes it's too late. She has bewitched him.

Emma Moss still has nightmares about the night her sister was kidnapped, but she refuses to give up hope. So, when a seductive stranger calls claiming to have a new lead, she doesn't hesitate to meet him. He seems harmless enough with his teasing manner and Hollywood pretty-boy looks. However, she can sense something more—a predatory air of danger that should warn her away. But her sister's life is at stake. And she has no other leads. So, she agrees to go with him.

Bound together by their shared cause, tormented by their fated attraction, they set out to hunt down their siblings.

A Vampire Bewitched had me very interested to read what this type of mashup story could behold. Taking into account the start of a new series AND a hot ass cover, I was sold. Starting a new series from book 1 is fun, you get a chance to dive right in and follow the progression as it happens. I enjoy that. 

Everything previously stated applies with a lot more hope and passion for a deeper development of these characters, this world and the authors "voice" in books to come. See, I love it when a story kicks off with a running start but I also pull for a tale that has some work to grow but offers good potential. 

So, in this case, it's hard to give this story an accurate rating or say anything harmful to the growth process. But I think the underlying theme for me is growth with this series. I want to read the next story and I really want to feel more connection. More passion. More humor and a lot more depth in the interactions between characters. 

My rating is going to stay held until book two and then let's see how it goes! I'm hopeful for more to come out of this saga, I really feel like it's soooo damn close to being something really exciting! Read other reviews and hopefully you too will want to check this one out. 

Katie D

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About the Author:

L.E. Wilson writes Paranormal Romance starring intense alpha males and the women who are fearless enough to tame them—for the most part anyway. ;) In her novels you'll find smoking hot scenes, a touch of suspense, a bit of gore, and multifaceted characters, all working together to combine her lifelong obsession with the paranormal and her love of romance.

Her writing career came about the usual way: on a dare from her loving husband. Little did they know just one casual suggestion would open a box of worms (or words as the case may be) that would forever change their lives.

Lattes and music are a necessary part of her writing process, and sometimes you'll find her typing away at her favorite Starbucks. She walks two miles to get there, to make up for all of those coffees. 


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  1. The hero on the cover is great. I would pick up this book at the store and check it out

  2. Man, vamps have the best abs ;).