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Saturday, April 3, 2021

Book Review: Tapestry of Night (Star Cast #1) by Elm Vince

Tapestry of Night (Star Cast #1)
by Elm Vince
27 November 2020
375 pages
genre: teen, young adult, epic fantasy
The stars promised Cassia great magic.

But this gift feels more like a curse…

Cassia has given up on her childhood dream of becoming a powerful mage. She’s chosen a simple life as a traveling astrologer, instead.

But it turns out Cassia was just a late bloomer, magically speaking, when she discovers she’s showing signs of being an empath. And when her newfound power gets an old friend captured and imprisoned, this sudden gift feels more like a curse.

To help save her, Cassia is drawn into a high-stakes plot to spy on the tyrannical, anti-magic government for a group of rebel mages.

Disguised as a noble, Cassia must help break the captured mages from their impenetrable prison. Unsurprisingly, a novice empath who can’t trust her own feelings isn’t the best at spying. Or romance, either, for that matter.

With her emotions running dangerously wild, it’s no wonder the ministers are growing suspicious. Especially a certain tall, dark and bronze-eyed minister who seems to be tracking her every move…

But if her uncontrollable powers – or her heart – give away who she truly is, and she fails to free the trapped mages, magic users everywhere will pay the price…

Tapestry of Night is the first book in the Star Cast romantic fantasy series. Readers who enjoy feisty heroines, hate-to-love romance, and page-turning plot twists will love this action-packed new story from Elm Vince.

Journey through a richly imagined fantasy world of astrologer priestesses, rebel mages, and distant fae kingdoms, where the stars promise destinies of love, betrayal, and forbidden magic…

Considering her lineage, Cassia should be a powerful mage. But having shown little promise, she was forced to leave her childhood home and mage community for a travelling life with her grandmother. Mages must fly under the radar to avoid detection and persecution, and when a member of the mage community is abducted Cassia’s old magical acquaintances seek her assistance. Cassia assumes a new role as a spy, working as an intern for the government. Cassia is tasked with gaining the intel required to stay one step ahead of government forces and their planned assault on the magical community.

Vince’s fantasy world is well-built and interesting. The plot of the story is well-developed and amusing. The action is fast-paced and suspenseful with entertaining twists and turns. There’s also social commentary undercurrents around persecution and prejudice lending substance to the storyline. A hate-to-love romance is being established in the first installment, however, I’m not yet sold on this dynamic. A formidable foe is also established paving the way for future installments. 

Four Sheep

Bianca Greenwood

About the Author
Elm Vince is a UK-based writer. She grew up on a steady diet of YA fantasy, which pretty much set her up for a life-long love of the genre. In particular, she loves strong female leads, dragons, fairytales, hate-to-love romances, and scenes set in libraries. When she's not hunched over her laptop doing irreparable damage to her lower back, you'll find her road tripping, freaking herself out with true crime podcasts, and befriending other people's dogs and cats.

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