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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Urban Fantasy Author Kat Stiles: The Common Theme in My Books + giveaway

The Common Theme in My Books

I’ve written several series – Modified, Enhanced, Connected, and now The Vampire Cure series. At a glance, the most obvious commonality is they all have some kind of superpower in them. And it’s true—I’m kind of a superpowers junkie. I’ve watched all the superhero movies and even have a Deadpool omnibus collection of comics. But superpowers aside, there’s another common theme: strong women with issues.

And sometimes those issues are HUGE. Take Kate, from my Modified series. She’s a textbook antihero, inspired by my love of Deadpool. She makes poor life choices and has even killed people. She doesn’t have all the answers and sometimes doubts herself, as she’s learning to live with a power that’s inherently evil. I’ve gotten criticisms about her, that she’s too broken. But honestly, that’s what I love about her. She’s no Captain America, but yet she still manages to save the day and protect the people she cares about. Her many flaws and her attitude problem resonate with me. It makes her seem more human and stronger because of them.

Even with my more “normal” characters, like Cass from A Fated Exception, have issues. Hers is simply being around other people. Highly introverted, she prefers the company of computers to people—her main power allows her to communicate with computers. But for Cass, it’s more than introversion, it’s more about trust. She acquired an ability to detect when a person was lying, and for me, that power seems like an awful one to have. I mean, how could you trust anyone when you know they’re lying? Cass found it refreshing to deal with something so straightforward—inputs and outputs, on or off. Computers don’t lie or attempt to deceive, they just work off the instruction set given. Introducing an android into her world that was both human in appearance and a computer, who could possibly deceive was a fun wrench to throw in.

I love writing flawed characters with real-life issues, many of which I struggle with myself. It makes the character more believable, and the victory that much sweeter when she not only overcomes the villain but also battles her own inner demons and wins.

The Vampire Cure (The Vampire Cure Series Book 1)
by Kat Stiles
March 12, 2021
Genre: Urban Fantasy, SciFi
In the search for a cure to a viral pandemic, scientist Liz Meyer discovers something far more deadly…Vampires exist.

And what’s even more amazing, they’re immune to the virus.

Liz is both afraid and intrigued. Gifted with dreams that reveal the future, she sees how bad the pandemic will become. A blood sample could be the solution to a cure.

Sexy vampire Ryan awakens a desire within Liz, something she's never felt before. Too bad the rest of the coven want nothing more than to feast on her blood.

Can Liz get the blood she needs to find a cure? Or will it be her blood that’s taken instead?

Please note: If you're a die-hard believer in the MAGA movement, for the love of God don't buy this book. You will NOT be amused.

Fans of The Vampire Diaries series and authors like Ivy Smoak, Richelle Mead, and Bella Forest will love this sci-fi take on vampires.

Kat Stiles is a USA Today Bestselling Author, and huge fan of both sci-fi and urban fantasy. Nearly all of her stories include a super power of some kind and a strong, funny heroine. If you like The Vampire Cure, check out her other series:

Enhanced series
Connected series
Modified series

**Only .99 cents until Mar 29th!!**

Pre-order book 1

“You fight dirty,” he said, his brown eyes meeting mine. “I’ve always been a sucker for the feisty ones.”

I gulped. Maybe I could run past him. In my totally freaked out state, it was the only thing I could think of.

I faked to the left, then took a sharp turn to the right, sprinting next to the wall. I was almost past him—he made no movement to stop me, only stared, still grinning like a total creeper. But then I got the wind knocked out of me as he was suddenly on top of me, pinning me against the wall. How was he able to move so quickly?

One of his large hands held both of my wrists above my head. I tried to knee or kick him, but he pressed his body against mine, rendering me completely immobile.

“Now, I finally get to taste you…” he said, and then took a deep inhale through his nose. He opened his mouth, and his canines appeared larger and sharper than the rest of his teeth. Almost like…fangs. A forceful tilt of my head with his free hand rendered my line of sight negligible. I closed my eyes, helpless. A single tear rolled down my cheek, as I begged him to let me go.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you,” he assured, and then added, “…much.”

About the Author

USA Today Bestselling Author of Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Young Adult Fiction.

Originally a Jersey girl, sunny Texas is where I now call home, in a town way up north in the panhandle called Wellington. I write super-powered urban fantasy that's sexy, fun and dark. For fun I like to read urban fantasy, horror, and existentialist fiction, as well as watch cartoons, movies, and sometimes even cartoon movies. I try not to take anything in life too seriously and I tend to smile often. Hop over to my website, for bonus material, fun blog posts, news about upcoming releases, and awesome giveaways!

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