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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Book Review: Witch of All Witches (Tales of Xest Book 4) by Donna Augustine

Witch of All Witches (Tales of Xest Book 4)
by Donna Augustine
June 10, 2021
Pages: 312
I went from being an outcast in Salem, to living in Xest, a world existing solely on magic. I have a good job brokering hopes and wishes, a hot boss, and a cool place to live. My life is a witch’s dream.

Except there are a couple of teensy little problems. I might’ve accidentally gotten infused with some magic that didn’t belong to me. The hot boss? I might be falling in love with him, to my detriment. If that isn’t enough, heaven and hell have finally caught up to me, demanding I return the extra magic or else. Too bad I don’t know how to do that.

Tippi is one of those characters you want to be your best friend. She is loyal to those around her and will do anything to keep her friends safe, which means this adventure of hers just got a whole lot more complicated. Heaven and Hell are both demanding that Tippi return all the magic she accidentally stole, which may just take all of her magic which, as far as Hawk is concerned, is not acceptable. As much as Tippi is falling in love with Hawk, she still doesn’t accept that he could possibly feel the same way about her. There’s no way she will allow him or anyone for that matter to put their life on the line for her, so she is bound and determined to find a way out of this mess without endangering those around her.

Hawk and Tippi have a unique relationship. He is always controlling her because he wants her to be safe, and she is always going against everything he says, either because she hates the way he needs to be in control or because she feels it’s the only way to keep him safe. If the two of them survive the upcoming challenges in their relationship, then maybe, just maybe, they will both accept the other as is.

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About the Author:
Donna Augustine was an odd child, had a brief moment of conformity in early adulthood, and then decided to embrace her craziness as the years rolled by. It's her inner crazy that she credits with coming up with the ideas for her books. One part hypochondriac, a few dashes of paranoia, topped with a sliver of uptight and delivered with a relaxed flair, she kicked the proverbial box down the yellow brick road a couple years ago to embrace her true self.

She can be reached by a carrier pigeon, set free in a south by north direction, where she resides in Neverland with her two Siberian cats. Cats who, by the way, aren't as hypoallergenic as she believed they'd be.

For the conventional-minded and those of you without a pigeon on hand, she can be reached at She responds to most emails within three dusk periods.

P.S. For those of you looking for the discarded box, it was sitting beside the road for a while but has since disappeared completely.

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