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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Mystery Author B.R. Stateham: Discussion on writing a murder-mystery short story. + giveaway

Discussion on writing a short-story.

I like writing mysteries. But more than that, I like writing mysteries filled with interesting characters and puzzling cases. So the procedure, for me, is simple;

Begin with a murder in the most unusual situation and/or set of circumstances--and then introduce the main character or characters who are--hopefully--going to solve the case. After the initial set-up is done, its both the author and reader trying to figure out who did it together. In the beginning, I have no clue who or how the crime was done. As I am writing, I am playing off the odd clues I throw into the pile of clues found in the story, but more importantly--it is the wit and thoughts each of my two homicide detectives throw at each other which furthers the story along.

I know--it may very well be the worst way to write a short-story. Or a novel, for that matter. But that's the way I do it. So sit back and enjoy. I think you'll like the ride.

Murder Is Our Business (Turner Hahn and Frank Morales Case Files Book 1)

by B.R. Stateham
June 16, 2021
180 pages
Genre: Hard-Boiled Noir Crime Mystery, Short Stories
Ten stories from the Case Files of homicide detectives Turner Hahn and Frank Morales, these are tales of murder, deception, greed and mayhem only this duo can solve.

Murder is the operative word in this collection: from hardened criminals to deceitful damsels, to the cold minds of serial killers. Come along for the ride as Turner and Frank face off with the crazies, the cunning and the brilliant, as they try to get away with murder.

For Turner and Frank, the city pays them to do a job. But that's okay... they're good at what they do.

Quote from 'A Barking Dog.'
"Earlier there was something about the kid which bothered me. Well, maybe it was more about something the kid said which bothered me. Just a kid really. Maybe fourteen, fifteen years old. A geeky little kid plagued with adolescent acne and a love for video games. Rail thin with big brown eyes and wire rim glasses. A dime a dozen. You find'em in every apartment building on this side of town. At least one.

But the one thing Frank and I knew from experience. A kid like this knew a hell of a lot more than what he usually revealed. Not because he was up to some nefarious shenanigans. Usually they keep quiet and stay out of everyone's way because, frankly, he was a geeky teenager with a case of acne with a connoisseur’s intimate knowledge of the city's many pizza parlors.

Who the hell wants to be made into a laughing stock by some toothy looking geeky kid?"

Guns, Gams, Ghosts and Gangsters (Turner Hahn and Frank Morales Case Files Book 2)

These ten short stories feature some of the homicide cases investigated by the South Side Precinct’s best homicide detectives Turner Hahn and Frank Morales.

In this riveting collection, you'll find cases of murder, revenge, greed, and insanity, with a hint of the supernatural thrown in as a bonus.

About the Author

Website-FB-TwitterB.R. Stateham is a fourteen-year-old boy trapped in a seventy-one-year-old body. But his enthusiasm and boyish delight in anything mysterious and/or unknown continue.

Writing novels, especially detectives, is just the avenue of escape which keeps the author’s mind sharp and inquisitive. He’s published a ton of short stories in online magazines like Crooked, Darkest Before the Dawn, Abandoned Towers, Pulp Metal Magazine, Suspense Magazine, Spinetingler Magazine, Near to The Knuckle, A Twist of Noir, Angie’s Diary, Power Burn Flash, and Eastern Standard Crime. He writes both detective/mysteries, as well as science-fiction and fantasy.

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  1. I would love to read these stories.

  2. Not sure how well one could develop a mystery in an average of 10 pages per story based on the info. above. Are the stories based on a full length book which may provide a lot of background detail?