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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Join Personalized Marketing Inc on their 13th Anniversary!!

Can you believe it has been 13 years since Personalized Marketing Inc opened its doors? (Dee opened the doors and still can’t believe it either!) Her first book was released 16 years ago … which was the unknown start to #PMInc. When La Roe’s Curse was originally published, she was given a basic webpage, had to learn marketing the hard way, was asked to help a friend, which then Personalized Marketing Inc being born.
Over the past 13 years, #PMInc has evolved from doing small websites and marketing, to WordPress, HTML, and others. While their marketing has remained true to Whitehat Methods, they now offer Organic Marketing which is designed to help you grow beyond your current reach.

As some of you may know, Dee got a Bachelors in IT, with an Advanced Software Development Certificate. Followed with a Master’s in Business and Graduate Marketing Certificate.

Before attending college, Dee met and became close friends with Cindy, who then in Feb 2019 became #PMInc’s Manager and her editor, cover artist, and guru.

#PMInc offers the following main services but are always open to adjusting for their clients’ needs.

Organic Marketing
They analyze your various online locations ensuring that you are reaching your viewers when they are available and putting out content that interest them.

Web Design
To enhance your online presence, #PMInc implements styles and features that focus on your branding and incorporate them into your social media networks.

You have put forth the effort of creating a great product or service. Now it is time to make sure your website is showcasing them while ensuring that you populate on Search Engines.

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$25.00 Amazon Gift Certificate
1 eBook From Each Author (From the titles listed)
Print Copies of La Roe’s Curse and Fay’s Wish
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  1. Thank you for having us here. I wish everyone good luck in the contest.


  2. Dee, thank you for bringing along my books :) Happy to work with you!

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