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Sunday, August 8, 2021

Excerpt: Destiny Falls Mystery & Magic Series by Elizabeth Pantley + giveaway

The Ghost Camper's Tall Tales (Destiny Falls Mystery & Magic Series Book 3)
by Elizabeth Pantley
July 27, 2021
Genre: Magical Cozy Mystery
A mysterious old man keeps popping up to tell Hayden a series of tall tales. Who is he? And is he actually glowing? Are his stories fiction, or is he telling her the history of her family, the enchanted islands, and the witch? And why did a dead body show up . . . of someone who is already dead? Can Hayden and her quirky sidekick, Latifa unscramble this mystery before someone else shows up dead?

Hayden’s adventures in the magical world of Destiny Falls continue in this gripping story that answers your questions about the mysterious world she entered through a mirror in book one, Falling into Magic. We learn more about her missing mother, whose story begins in book two, The Disappearance of Emily.
"A captivating read! I couldn't put it down." ~ Goodreads

"My favorite series in the whole wide world." ~ Elza Reads

"Will blow you away!" ~ Cozy Mystery Book Reviews

"I felt transported to Destiny Falls…I miss it already." ~ Julie, One Book More

"A mix of unique characters, romance, mystery, and magic.” ~ Goodreads

"I had a fun time reading this one." ~ Lola's Reviews

"Just when I thought I knew who the killer was, BAM, a twist." ~ Leslie, Storeybook Reviews

"Generously seasoned with sass, class, and a dose of spunk. Delish!" ~ Pages & Paws

The Ghost Campers Tall Tales EXCERPT
Just as the town is magical, the home is enchanted, too. It changes over the day, the years, and the decades to suit the people who live in it. Rumor had it that the home was originally built as a castle in the 1800s, but it looked like it was built yesterday.

I ran my hand along the glistening black granite countertops as I made my way to the corner where the makings for tea were kept. To the left of the pantry, my eye caught on a new door that I had never seen before. To be precise, it was a door that never existed before.

Doors that suddenly appeared like this tended to hide surprise rooms. Case in point, the door that appeared in my bedroom recently which led to a yoga and meditation room that included a private deck overlooking the bay. It was a room I used almost daily since I’d discovered it. The home had apparently understood my stress and provided a calming room for me to retreat to. As I said, the home takes care of its occupants, of which I am now one.

The other thing that I’d learned about this house, is that a door’s appearance is an invitation. If there is a secret, the door simply would not appear to you.

This door had no doorknob, as it was a free-swinging door, so I gave it a gentle push and stepped through. There was a sudden blast of deafening noise. I stumbled backwards into the kitchen, falling through the swinging door, and landing with a plop on the floor. I was met with the gentle quiet of the sleeping house. My brain took a moment, but I realized that the sound I had heard was music, albeit extremely loud music.

I stood up and tentatively stepped in through the door. My senses were bombarded by the blaring music once again. I stepped backward into the kitchen. Total quiet. Forward through the door: loud music. I kept my body still this time and just listened. It was a song I recognized. Eminem and Rihanna singing about not being afraid of the monsters under the bed.

My eyes darted around the room. My mouth dropped open. I was standing in a large, immaculate restaurant-style kitchen. It had gleaming stainless steel appliances and a large stove and grill station. A massive prep island dominated the middle of the room, a rack of pots hanging above it. Pans, bowls, and serving platters of all sizes and types were neatly lined on shelves.

The walls that were bare of shelves were painted with bright, colorful messages: "Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all." – Harriet Van Horne. “One cannot think well, love well, or sleep well if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf. “I never met a meal I didn’t like.” – Miss Piggy.

I heard a man’s voice singing along with Eminem in perfect harmony. It was coming from an adjoining room that appeared to be a large pantry.

The Disappearance of Emily (
Destiny Falls Mystery & Magic Series Book 2)

Falling Into Magic (
Destiny Falls Mystery & Magic Series Book 1)

About the Author
Website-FB-Twitter Elizabeth Pantley is the international bestselling author of The No-Cry Sleep Solution and twelve other books for parents, published in over twenty languages. The Disappearance of Emily is the second book in her well-received fiction series. Elizabeth lives in the Pacific Northwest and is the mother of four and Nana to one. Visit her at

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  1. Love your covers. Really like the descriptions of your books.

  2. Hadn't heard of the series before today, but the reviews definitely helped me become interested.