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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Excerpt: Stars At Dusk (The Sable Riders, #2) by Sky Gold + giveaway

Stars At Dusk 
(The Sable Riders, #2)
by Sky Gold
April 1st 2023
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Science Fiction
‘Your brass is ballsy, Kage Sable.’ – Harlow Meridien.

Running from her past, Harlow lives for the present. She’s sassy-smart-strong. A genius, generous, confident scientist developing a groundbreaking propulsion technology that’s attracted the attention of The Sable Group, and Kage Sable, to be exact.

He’s a master builder, an ex-warrior, a kick-ass engineer with sexy nerd energy and her new ‘boss’. His shop is responsible for an enviable fleet of high-tech corvettes, luxury flyers and racing pinnaces – helping to cement the Sable Riders’ dominance across Pegasi.

Convinced she’s the woman for him, Kage is determined to make Harlow his. He strongly believes every superwoman needs a superman. Problem is, she’s not so sure. She’s got a bad history with men. All she wants to do is focus on her work that could shift the balance of power in the Pegasi System.

She’s wary of Kage’s moxie and full-on thrust at life and love and doesn’t think she’s ready for that much intensity yet. But he slowly draws her in, one delicious moment at a time.

From subterranean speakeasies, sunken casinos and ancient ruins to fighting dens and exquisite eateries, Kage takes Harlow on dizzying flights of pure bliss across Eden II to convince her he’s light years from the ‘lame, always running game’ losers of her past. Instead, he’s a real man with strong convictions and the best intentions, who believes in an impossible love.

Together, they’ll fight for the relationship they want while keeping their top-secret breakthrough from a swarm of greedy, ruthless galactic hustlers. Together, they’ll fall into a twilight dusk of heady love and impossible starlight.


If you’re in the mood for:A strong, smart heroine AND a sexy, badass anti-hero
Unrequited love and personal growth sagas that span a universe
Steamy, hot epic jolts!
Paranormal action
All the feels AND heartfelt escapism

Then take to the Skies Above Eden II. A whole new world awaits you.

Book #1

‘Forgive me kara, if I’m being too forward or intense,’ Kage said softly. ‘But I’ve never met a woman quite like you,’ he rumbled into her ear.

‘Not my fault you’ve spent time with women who can’t compare to me,’ she said with a soft smile.

He gave her a long look.

‘Too right,’ he finally drawled. ‘And now that I’ve met you, what should I do about it? I can’t go back to all those other girls who don’t live up to you.’

‘You’re going to have to try existing without me because I’m not available,’ she shot back.

‘Says who?’

‘Says me and there’s nothing you can do about it.’

‘Is that right?’

‘Yep, you’ll never have me,’ she said.

He let out a loud laugh. ‘You know all you’re doing is waving a red flag in-front of this bull?’

‘And just like a matador at the top of their game, I’m going to escape you.’

‘Are you daring me?’

‘Damn right,’ she said, then she slapped her hand over mouth when she realised her mistake. ‘No, I meant no, I’m not.’

‘Too late Harlow, game on,’ he drawled. She saw a glint in his eye that sent a shiver down a spine.

‘I’m serious, I’m not in the game,’ she retorted.

‘Well, that’s good babe, because if I ever decide that I want you, it won’t be a game. I’m not those lame-ass, gamin’ losers you’re used to. Trust me, they’re not even in my race, let along in my league. See, I’m a man with no shame in going after the prize I want. I’ll give you the time, kara, but don’t keep me waiting too long.’

This time she almost choked at his absolute balls. He had quite the pair. ‘Play all your want Kage, doesn’t mean you’ll win,’ she managed to breathe out.

‘Thing is babe, you need to win too, for this to work,’ he said, a small smile on his lips. ‘Which is why this is more than just a game to me.’

She heard the depth of care in his words and she felt like she was being pulled into hot, thick whirlpool of longing, for something just beyond her reach. What was he doing to her?

She nailed him with a long look. ‘Your brass is ballsy, Kage Sable,’ she eventually retorted.

She turned around and stepped out of his hold of her. But she shot him a look over her shoulder that was part tease, part challenge.

He winked long and slow back at her, placing a thick arm on the gold frames of the cloud shaped enclosure on either side of her. Heat emanated from his body behind her and she instantly felt enveloped in a strangely wild mix of freedom and possession.

She realised in that moment that for the first time in months, years, that she was having the time of her life. In a man’s company.

Although brunt, a tad crude and unrelenting, Kage made her laugh. He challenged her. He aggravated her. He pushed her buttons. In a highly exhilarating way. Yet he hadn’t put her down or demeaned her, ever.

She also liked that he appreciated the good things in life like she did. He did it without the snobbery and pompousness many of her exes had exhibited. He seemed a man who derived great pleasure from life, but the simple, raw variety.

He was also extremely smart, kind, and deeply loyal to the things he cared for. So different to the aggro, sexist and fake macho men she’d dated in the past.

They’d been the ones who’d wanted to mould her into what she was not.

He was possessive yet he never acted like he’d wanted to own her. In fact Kage didn’t seem to care to control her. She was secretly touched by the words he’d said to her ten months ago about respecting her body and choices. That flew high in Harlow’s world.

Yet she was determined to keep her pledge to herself to leave dating and men alone for a few months. It sucked because the spark between them was becoming a small blaze. One that if fanned the right way, could fire up into a major inferno.

But she just wasn’t primed for it. She wasn’t sure she was ready for any of it, ever. She needed to work out if love, romance and relationship was what she needed or even wanted for her life. She had little to work with, especially after the piss poor example set by her parents.

However those were troubles and worries for another day.

Maybe after her project with The Sable Group was delivered.

Maybe when she had time to unpack all of her, and all of him.

Maybe, maybe, maybe.

About the Author:
I'm a lover of words, and consequently an author, writer and consumer of all things delicious, fun and courageously life-affirming.

“Five Fun Facts” About Me:

- I’m married to a gorgeous alpha, grumpy husbeast and we’ve sired two bright, funny kids

- I live in the gorgeous sun-soaked beach haven that’s Sydney, Australia

- I love racing cars; I’m a lil’ bit of a speed demon …

- I own a grey Russian blue cat who's an escape artist during the day and a yeller at night (sigh ..)

- I write best to music - check out the 'Stars on Fire' playlist on Spotify for a taste of my writing vibe :-)

- I look to the stars themselves for my heavenly inspiration.

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