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Sunday, April 23, 2023

Book Review: Prophecy of a Vampire by Tania Gold + giveaway

Prophecy of a Vampire

by Tania Gold
March 29 2023

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
ISBN: 978-1509248247
Number of pages: 254
Word Count:66572
Cover Artist: Diana Carlile
One prophecy, a thirst for blood, and a tangled web of lies…

It’s been almost a century since Zachary Philips was turned into a creature of the night. A brooding man with a thirst for freedom and for blood. When he hears of the prophesied Vampire Queen being reborn, he hatches a plan to gain his freedom. Soon, their lives collide and although they are opposites, their sizzling sexual chemistry binds them together.

It doesn’t take too long before Ivy Litt finds herself ensnared by Zachary. She also realizes she can’t stay away from him. If only she knew about the web of lies he was spinning.

Will Zachary’s past and cry for freedom ruin his one chance of happiness, or will Ivy’s thread of humanity change the course of what could be something special?

The start of a new saga is always fills me with excitement, I do love the building of a world from scratch and making it all come to life on the pages. Prophecy of a Vampire has a lot to sink your fangs into, some more work to go hopefully, and I look forward to it.

Day walking vampires are always fun to read about, they won't burst or sparkle (even though I love ALL vampires), but these can just walk among us. The ones you need to keep your eyes on. I like that. Lots of interesting ways these vamps also make the change to being undead; such clever takes on some old friends.

The world itself, though, needs more hashing out, more depth and more action, please! I want to read ass kicking and wigs splitting, blood and some guts coming out. I've been on a John Wick binge so watch out world for my pencil coming to get ya! I digress. Overall I liked what we have here. But in the coming books, give me more. More of it all and please more of that steamy romance we all want!

Getting 3.5 Sheep


“Ivy, there is nothing you can do about it anymore. You might think that what you did was bad, but you protected yourself and it also happened to be in the natural way, for a vampire, that is. Which you are now, so you must learn to understand, and live with the knowledge that this will be a part of your future. You will get angry, you will get thirsty, and that thirst will be to kill whoever stands in your way. In this case, the mutts were advancing on you, and you did the natural thing and retaliated with fangs.”

I give her another light squeeze, which then turns into my thumb, rubbing circles on her shoulder, just as I have done in the past. I feel her loosen up a little and all the anxiety and distress fleeing her body.

About the Author:

Growing up with a passion for writing, Tania Gold, a wife and mother of two from Sydney, Australia, has always enjoyed delivering exciting stories to an audience. An avid reader of Fantasy and Romance novels, she had dreamed of creating her own world full of exciting and loveable characters.

Zachary Philips is a creature of the night. When he learns the Vampire Queen has been reborn he hatches a plan. Soon, their lives collide and their sizzling sexual chemistry binds them together. #PNR #VampireRomance

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