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Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Science Fiction Author Dagmar Rokita: 5 unknown Sci-Fi movies you probably missed in 2022

5 unknown Sci-Fi movies you probably missed in 2022

2022 seems to be a hit or miss for sci-fi movies. We get excellent "Predator: Prey," awful "Moonfall" and messy "Jurassic World: Dominion" that broke the hearts of many "Jurrasic Park" fans (including me). All movies mentioned above have been put on the back burner by "Avatar 2". It caught the attention of all cinema-goers and sparked many debates.

In this post, I'm going to set the blockbusters aside and focus on some lesser-known sci-fi movies.

1. "Vesper"
Directors: Kristina Buozyte, Bruno Samper
Genres/Themes: biohacking, postapocalyptic, dystopian

“Vesper” is a vision of the future after the collapse of civilizations and ecosystems. A 13-year-old girl named Vesper and her disabled father try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. On their way, they meet Camellia. Vesper uses her bio-hacking skills to help their new companion and get a chance to live in a new, better future.

This movie captivated me with its atmosphere. The slow pace lets me focus on the well-thought-out plot and father-daughter relationship.

2. "After Yang"
Director: Kogonada
Genres/Themes: androids, family, AI, loss

“After Yang” is based on a sci-fi story by Alexander Weinstein. It tells a story of a family and their friend, Yang. Yang is an android and when he breaks down, Jake (the father) wants to bring him back to life. Jake discovers that their friend knows more than everyone thought.

“Yang” doesn’t need any big expensive special effects to tell a sad but suspenseful story. The futuristic aesthetics is very simple and credible, the movie focuses on common everyday life but there’s still a gentle feeling of anxiety. Something is up.

3. "Dual"
Director: Riley Stearns
Genres/Themes: satire, illness, clones

Sarah, the main character, receives a horrifying diagnosis – a terminal disease. She decides to clone herself. Later, it turns out that the diagnosis was a mistake. Sarah is absolutely fine, but she has a great trouble – the clone is alive and well too. The law says that only one of them can live on. Sarah and her clone prepare for a duel to the death.

The movie surprised me with a simple but original idea and a pretty specific sense of humour. Is a big chunk of action and entertainment.

4. "The Deal"
Director: Orsi Nagypal
Genres/Themes: postapocalypse, dystopian, family

Earth and natural resources were destroyed by a pandemic. The Bureau builds a new totalitarian society and established “The Deal”. By accepting it, people get job, healthcare and housing but after 20 years they have to die. A mother and a daughter need to escape The Bureau and break the deal.

Even if that movie really isn’t a masterpiece, it bribed me with its gloomy atmosphere and interesting worldbuilding.

5. "Deus"
Director: Steve Stone
Genres/Themes: space, message from the space, Mars

Spaceship "Achilles" is supposed to study a mysterious object on Mars. The object sends a transmission with one word – Deus (latin word for "God")

I know "Deus" turned out to be a quite dull movie with overused tropes but it's my guilty pleasure. All this creepy stuff from outer space has a special place in my heart and Deus satisfies my basic needs.

Bloodstained Skies: The Core Of Rage
by Dagmar Rokita
March 19, 2023
Genre, keywords: sci-fi, grimdark, military, space opera
Length: 70 000 words
After years of tension, war has finally come to the Union worlds. Hordes of rebels, seeking revenge for their lost worlds, ravage the Peripheral Zones.

One of the leaders of the rebellion is Charon Antares, a strict and shrewd warrior who doesn’t accept any weaknesses or cowardice. He has been struggling for years to liberate his planet, Zetherion, from the Union control. When another one of his braver mission ends in disaster, the rich and powerful sovereign plans to deprive him of his authority. To save his status, Antares agrees to execute her insane order that may cost the lives of thousands of his people.

A young and easy-going girl named Cerridwen lives in a peaceful world. One day, by accident, she comes in Antares’s way. When she finds out about the tragedy that happened to her family, she vows revenge, but without collaboration with Antares and the rebels, she will not be able to fulfill her plan.

Meanwhile, a group of the Union scientists decides to end the rebel’s invasions, once and for all - they build a deadly, inhumane weapon out of sight of the government.

Content warnings: graphic violence, abuse, gore, drugs

For fans of Dune, Halo, Star Wars, Warhammer

About the author:
Dagmar Rokita is a Polish writer and artist. She writes and illustrates dark sci-fi series called "Bloodstained Skies." There are two things that inspire her: the imaginary world of geek culture and the deepest corners of human psychology. Huge doses of heavy metal and history are her creative fuel. She wants to become a famous artist because she needs money to buy sophisticated food for her cat.

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