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Monday, April 10, 2023

Horror author Peter J. White:: Author Anecdote - Ewe won't believe this... I have seen a ghost + giveaway

Ewe won’t believe this, but I have seen a ghost.

Two in fact.

They manifested themselves to me when I was living in a studio apartment in Bangkok, Thailand.

The crazy thing is they appeared to me one afternoon while I was having a phone conversation with a good buddy. As we discussed where to meet for dinner, I paced the apartment, phone to one ear, idling playing with this and that when I noticed a smudge in the mirror over the bureau.

I looked more closely, and the smudge appeared to be a hazy mist, like a heat mirage. Bangkok is hot, so I thought maybe that’s what it was. But when I looked from the mirror to the spot it reflected: nothing.

Double-checked the mirror: definite hazy mist.

Space between the desk and the wastepaper basket: nothing.

Mirror: the mist began to coalesce. As I watched, it suddenly popped into a sharp 3D image of a young girl in a black and red-checkered dress.

Space between the desk and wastepaper basket: hazy mirage, but then, as I watched the space: pop! A little girl in a black and red-checkered dress. Sharply defined, like the best hologram you’ve ever seen. A moment in time, frozen in space.

In the mirror, a new hazy phenomenon appeared next to the little girl.

After the same back and forth, pop! The severed head of a white foreigner. It looked like his head had been ripped from his body, the skin torn where the neck met the tile floor of the apartment, rather than cut.

All this while I was still on the phone with my buddy.

When the head popped into place in real life, I backed away and told my buddy I’d meet him soon, then hung up.

And tore out of there in a hurry.

I saw them again one more time, but that’s another story…

PS: The giveaway below is a repurposed telling of this story to fit the main character in my Ghost Hunter series, what I’m calling a Paranormal Vigilante Thriller series about a former ex-special forces soldier who sees the dead. All the dead he sees died unpleasantly, at another’s hand or their own. My main character, Max, goes after their killers in an attempt to rid himself of the visions and to give the dead the peace they deserve.

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PSS: Click on the following link to get a repurposed version of the true story above. I wrote it to fit the main character in the Ghost Hunter series:
A different version of it appears in book four, The Bad Beginning.

Ghosts of a Coven Past
by Peter J. White
Genre: Horror
ISBN: ‎ 979-8368383125
Number of pages: 249
Word Count: 62,000
Cover Artist: Martina Sutter-Dalton
A powerful witch with a mission to bring the child of Satan into the world lies dead and buried under an 1885 rowhouse. When Roger Nimanator moves in, the old witch discerns in him an open door to the spirit world.

A powerful witch with a mission to bring the child of Satan into the world lies dead and buried under an 1885 rowhouse in Allentown, Pennsylvania, held in place by a combination of hex and the spirit of the young woman she had impregnated. But when Roger Nimanator and his family take possession of the house, the old witch discerns in him an open door to the spirit world.

The old witch gets a grip on Roger and begins to move in the world again, her spirit hungry for vengeance and for the coming of the Dark Lord. But Roger has awakened to his abilities and has gained a powerful ally in a modern-day witch and healer. Together they are determined to put the old witch to rest for eternity.

But the witch is wily and she has found allies of her own—a legion of them. Including one of Roger’s twin boys.

A master of manipulation and deceit, with Satanic powers growing, the old witch is on the verge of bringing her vision to reality. All she has to do is feed Roger’s doubt and the world—and his soul—are hers and the Dark Lord’s for the taking.

A cat appeared at the threshold of the doorway.

A cat? A black cat? Are you fucking kidding me? How cliché.

Roger moved to swing his legs over the side of the bed, only he didn’t.

Body won’t obey. What the fuck?

You’re dreaming. Simple. Sleep paralysis. Told you.

This is no fucking sleep paralysis. This is happening.


The cat arched its back and rubbed itself against the doorjamb in a way that sent a shiver of dread through Roger.

Sexual. Can feel the lust pouring off the thing…

The cat stretched, yawned lazily, the yellow slits of its eyes glaring in the dim light coming through the gauzy curtains covering the bedroom windows.

Those eyes…

The cat seemed to grin at him as if sensing his discomfort.

It walked lazily over to the side of the bed, coiled itself, then leapt up. It sat for a moment, staring at him, tail twitching, unblinking eyes staring into his, lips turned up to reveal its sharp little teeth.

Those eyes…reaching deep into me, reading my secrets, measuring the weight of my soul…


The cat stood and put a paw on Roger’s leg.

Cold shot through him and he would have gasped if his body had allowed him.

The cat grinned up at him, yellow eyes glittering, lips curled back, and took another step.

It walked up Roger’s legs, the weight of the thing tremendous, out of proportion, the cold shock of its presence icy, penetrating to the soul.

Thing weighs as much as a grown woman…

How can that be?

Dreaming. That’s how. Sleep paralysis.

Wake up!

No, this is real. The goddamn cat a familiar or whatever the fuck they call them.

Don’t be an idiot. Wake up!

The cat seemed to relish the confusion and pain Roger was suffering, lingering with its paws on each of his thighs.

Then it lowered its head and butted his breastbone.

Pain shot through his chest and for a moment he was certain his heart had stopped.

The cat headbutted his sternum again and he found himself staring at the ceiling, unable to move, shadows from the streetlamp outside making ghostly shapes as the curtains swayed from the breeze coming through the cracked open window.

The shadows began to take shape: a ring of figures, dancing, flickering as if they were shadows cast by firelight. Trees in the background.

Smoke? Wood smoke and something else…flesh and hair and…

The scene suddenly so real Roger felt he’d been transported in place and time.

Nonsense. Wake up!

The cat walked up his belly to sit on his chest.

Weight tremendous. Can’t. Breathe.

The cat stretched.

And kept stretching, growing impossibly tall, changing, morphing into…

An old woman, breasts stretched out tubes of flabby flesh hanging down to her soft, sagging stomach, swinging as she straddled Roger.

Those yellow eyes stared into his, and the creature’s mouth opened, teeth a cross between a cat’s and human, blackened, rotten, with sharp fangs intact.

A foul odor issued from her mouth and added to the sense of suffocation. Roger’s mind began to fray under the onslaught, claustrophobia claiming him, panic rising.

The thing on top of him cackled again, sending a gout of foul breath into his face.

Roger tried to buck her off. To gag. To cry for help. To breathe.

Total paralysis.

Going to suffocate. Going to die any moment now.

The deep spot in his inner self was alive with panic, yammering at him:

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

The thing on top of him stiffened.

At first, Roger thought it was nearing an orgasm of some sort, but no…

Another presence had arrived…

About the Author:


Peter J. White was born in Colorado and raised in SE Alaska. He has degrees in Education, French, and an MFA in Creative Writing. He taught ELL in Bangkok, Thailand for six years, and currently teaches high school English in Washington State. Hobbies, past and present, include writing, bicycling, mountain climbing, kickboxing, MMA, and yoga.

A powerful witch with a mission to bring the child of Satan into the world lies dead and buried under an 1885 rowhouse in Allentown, Pennsylvania. When Roger Nimanator and his family move in, the old witch discerns in him an open door to the spirit world.
#witch #witchcraft #possession #satanic #hauntedhouse #exorcism #serialkiller

Free short story. The story below is the origin of the giveaway.

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